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First things first, the flight from England to Bordeaux is simple, it takes about 1 hour 50 minutes and transfer from the airport to the city centre is easy, you just take the 1+ bus (TBM), this is something everyone who may visit me needs to know - don't get rippped off by paying the 8 euros for a coach. TBM is just 1.60 euros!! Anyway back to the story, everything was going smoothly until we arrived in the centre. It was a Sunday which in France means nothing is open after lunch, and we had no change. This made it impossible to take the tram so obviously we had to sit down and have a cocktail to get change!! Typical Ellie style. I had a mojito which I enjoyed very much. We had to check in to our apparthotel (it's a hotel that has appartments for each room- clever huh) by 8pm, which considering our flight arrived at 5pm was doable, but in typical Pryor family style we left it down to the second to check in on time. Luckily I managed to catch the receptionist just as he was closing up by saying a simple 'Excusez-moi Monsieur' and we checked in right on time! 

Keep posted for more updates on useful facts about Bordeaux (and random ones) as well as the typical life of an English girl trying to be French in a foreign city. 

Much love


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