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Erasmus Berlin 2021 / 2022 (English)

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Hi! I'm Jose, 22 and I'll be this winter semseter (Sept - end of Jan 22) in Berlin and I am looking for somebody to share an apartment with. I speak fluent English, Spanish (i'm from Barcelona) and a bit of German. 

I'm very easy going so don't hesitate to contact me! Thank you!

Any chance that someone from Portugal is looking for a room in Berlin? If so, feel free to write me, then we can talk. (I still haven't uploaded an offering to this page tho since I just signed up but I can send you photos and all). I'm looking for portuguese people because I'd love to keep practicing Portuguese when I move back to Berlin this October so yeah, that's why. If your not from Portugal, feel free to still write me (who you are, what you're gonna do in Berlin, why Berlin, what music you like, what your hobbies are, if you are outgoing or more of a introverted character, etc., you get what I mean, right? ;-)  Just so that I get a basic idea of who you are). I don't know, if I get the impression that we might get along very well, the language might not matter that much ;) 

Greetings to 'yall, stay safe! :)

Hi everyone! I am Stela, 20 year old from Croatia and i Will be studying at Fresenius university in Berlin for the Winter semester:) i am actively looking for a rommate/s and accomodation so if anyone is in the same situation as me message me please! I speak English fluently so communication isnt a problem. I am tidy and love having fun, so i would love to have someone who is willing to Explore and party in Berlin with me:D

Hello everyone! I am Miguel and I am in Berlin doing my internship until January of 2022. I am Spanish Electronic Engineering student and I will love to meet you all when you arrive in Berlin. I am living in the student residence House of Nations. It is located in Lichtenberg, a 15-minute walk from Friedrichshain and I strongly recommend it because it costs 550 euros and you have a 20 m2 individual studio! Greetings!

Hello everyone! I am Amaury, a 21 years old French student coming to Berlin in September for an internship until February. I study IT engineering, and I am passionate about many things I would be happy to talk about with other people around a drink! Furthermore, I am not a reference when it comes to cooking, but I can learn (you've got to do it one day). Not only that, but I would like to go out and discover the city with my roommate and have fun. I am also open to learn a new language while I'm in Berlin, and I speak English as well. Hope someone will be interested :)

Hi! I'm going to be an Erasmus student from the UK studying in Berlin for the winter semester and I'm looking for flatmates. I love going out and having a good time. Please contact me if you want to search for a flat or if you have anything available! 

hii! I'm Luca, 21 from Italy. Ima stay in Berlin this year for studing Interior Design at Berlin International University of Applied Science. I'd love to get to know you! What are up to this year in there? Feel free to text me

hii! I'm Luca, 21 from Italy. Ima stay in Berlin this year for studing Interior Design at Berlin International University of Applied Science. I'd love to get to know you! What are up to this year in there?

Hi! I'm Jessa - a 20-year-old British student moving to Berlin to study at Humboldt uni for a year - I am still looking for accommodation around the centre for less than 600 euros - I am finding accommodation difficult to find so please contact me!

Jessa :)


I'm Sara, 22 yo from Spain, and will start a master degree at HWR next winter semester. I'll be moving to a student residence in Alfred-Jung- Straβe 14 at the end of September. Happy to meet new people, contact me whenever you want! 

Hi im Mario, 22 from Spain/Peru arriving to berlin this september and looking forward to meet new people and have fun in berlin, im also looking for accomodation so if you are also in the same situation feel free to text me :))

Hi! I'm Nil. I'm an economics student from Bcn. I'll be on Erasmus at Humboldt uni. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, discovering the city, parties, etc. Feel free to contact me :)

Hi everyone! I'm Sara, a 23 year old girl. I'm moving to Barlin for work and I'd love to know people that are in the same situation. 

I'm also looking for an accomodation to stay in ASAP!! I can speak English, Spanish and a little bit of French :)

Hello :)

Im Eva, 23 from Spain. I will stay in Berlin one year doing Erasmus Intership to work with a company.

Also looking forward to meeting new people, and the city...

If you are in the same situation, please write me ! We can meet there.

Hello:) My name is Marta and I'm a fifth-year medical student from Tarragona. I will be coming to Berlin this October and I will be staying for a year:) I'd love to meet new people and to have fun in this wonderful city! Feel free to text me<3 

Hi! I'm Maria, 23 and originally from Denmark. I recently moved to Berlin to study photography for (at least) 6 months. I'd love to meet some new people, hang out, explore the city etc. Besides photography, I like fashion, film, art, travel, food..

If aynone feels like going to a café, a museum or anything else, feel free to reach out!

xx Maria

Hi!! I'm Marta, a psychology student. I am staying the whole year in Berlin as an Erasmus student at the FU.

I would like to discover the city, its cultural life and meet new people. Don't hesitate to contact me :))

Hello everybody, I am Hilal from Turkey. I am psychology student and now I am in Berlin for my internship. Looking forward to meet new people, take a coffe, visiting touristical place and cycling in good wheathers.

Hi! I am Adélie, and I'm 19 yo. I'm from France and I am actually in a gap year, doing a civic service in the Singa Global Association in Berlin! I would love to find a colocation in Berlin with different people from different places!

I speak English, French, not German at all but I am up for learning the basics of this language!

I am very sociable, not to complicated to live with, I like to hang out with friends, and above all ... I am a big fan of techno plans:)) If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me

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