Luxury plans in Barcelona, just for fun?

Barcelona is a luxury destination loved by tourists and Erasmus students with a high purchasing power, exactly like London, Rome or Paris. It is not a secret that Barcelona is a magical city, with its own beauty and with an almost inexhaustible supply of culture and leisure; but besides that, you may wonder what exclusive plans and premium experiences the city offers. Appoints them, because we tell you in this post.

Lounge terraces with the best views of the city

You don’t need be living in an amazing house bought thanks to a luxury real estate in Barcelona to enjoy of the best views of the city. Whether to enjoy the solarium or to enjoy a cocktail before starting to live the night of Barcelona, the best way to combat the high temperatures of the summer is from the terrace of the top floor of a 5 star hotel. A fashion that is becoming more popular and for which we find an attractive offer.

Some of the best terraces in Barcelona have infinity pools and privileged views of the main points of the city or the Mediterranean. Among the best terraces we can find the Mirablau restaurant, on Avenida del Tibidabo, from where we can all the city from the mountain, or the Hotel W, which offers the perspective of Barcelona from the sea.


High cuisine for the most exquisite palates

The innovation and culinary creativity have found in Barcelona the perfect ambassador and if Barcelona is famous for something is for its gastronomic offer and the quality of its haute cuisine.

In Barcelona we can find more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants, one of the highest culinary decorations in the world. For example, Abac, Moments and Enoteca restaurants have 2 stars all of them. Undoubtedly, enjoy these dishes is a luxury.

Barcelona also offers other unique gastronomic experiences that are worth trying and that are not available to all audiences. We speak of experiences that deprive us or alter the meaning of life, such as Sopars del Sentits or Dans le Noir (only available in 5 cities around the world) and where flavors, smells and textures intensify in a magic way.

Luxury and exclusive shops in Paseo de Gracia

Paseo de Gracia is synonymous of fashion brands. Prada, Channel, Versace or Manolo Blahnik are just some of the shops we can find in one of the most exclusive avenues in Barcelona.

Another obligatory stop on the boulevard of Catalan luxury is Santa Eulalia, founded in 1843 and where you can find from tailor-made couture to an elegant cafeteria. And all this, surrounded by the best works of modernist architecture in Barcelona, such as La Pedrera or Casa Mila.

Relaxation and wellness in the spa

In Barcelona we can find some of the best spas in the country and enjoy its hot springs, saunas and heated pools, as well as massages and other beauty and wellness treatments. Without a doubt, the best way to relax and disconnect from the noise of the city in a setting of luxury and exclusivity.


Barcelona from the sea

Barcelona has the privilege of being bathed by the warm and gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea, so it is not surprising the activity of its marina. Undoubtedly, finishing the day from the tranquillity and intimacy of a sailboat, watching the sunset over Barcelona and enjoying chill out music and the sea breeze, is a luxury experience that meets the most demanding gourmet expectations.


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    These are nice tips, you can also check for other exclusive and luxury plans in Barcelona

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