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Erasmus blog Bangkok

  • TET Holiday – Phase 2: Bangkok

    The second phase of our Tet holiday was Thailand. Lizzy, Kayt and I got a £20 bus across the border from Cambodia to Thailand; a journey which lasted about 7/8 hours. Our experience at border control was rather smooth. Having read horror story articles about spend...

    0 by Linzi, 2 months ago
  • Bangkok - Tips for public transportation system

    After experiencing public transport in many countries around the world, I am always impressed by the quality and modernity of public transport in Europe, For example, if I took Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam for comparison, I would be very disappointed because in Hanoi...

    0 by Hoàng, one year ago
  • Main Attractions Of Bangkok

    Asia is one of the biggest cultural fabrics that our world has to offer. It is a continent full of wonder, mischief, adventure, romance and spirituality. The colourful liveliness, the vibrant cultures and the warm spirit of the people are what entices so many people...

    0 by mohammed, one year ago
  • Baiyoke Tower, Thai Food and Bangkok's Bazaar

    Bangkok's Bazaar The market is located just in front of the Royal Palace in Bangkok near the banks of the Chao Phraya River. In the market counters also sell all kinds of charms. And they only sell talismans and not sell anything else. There are wooden charms, made of...

    0 by Hoàng, one year ago
  • Ayutthaya

    Âyutthya - the ancient capital of Thailand On the fourth day of time in Bangkok, I traveled to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya where the United Nations recognized the world cultural heritage. Thailand's capital, Ayutthaya, is located 72 kilometers north of Bangkok....

    0 by Hoàng, one year ago

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