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My first experience with surfing

Published by Marie Miličková — 4 years ago

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Have you ever seen the film about surfing? Or have you ever dreamed of trying it? If yes, dont hesitate and try it. It is worth trying! The worse thing is to flow according to therhytmicity, heigh, speed and power of the wave. Because some of them are unexpectable and appear suddenly. For beginners, the simpliest way is to pay on the board a just let yourself flow. It looks easily, but sometimes, when the wind is really strong and the waves really large, it is not so simply. In addition, when you fall down to the sea and you must get on the board stable, it is quite complicated.  You must have quite  strong hands, arms, belly and generally, the upper part of your body. And of course a good balance. But time is practice and the more time spent on the board, the better for you and your specific surfboarding skills. It is important to be aware that sometimes, the sea is not safe. Sometimes, especially in the presence of huge waves, you can see many jellyfishes. They look like small octopuses. But they are poisonous. If they bite you it really hurts and when you are alergic to them. They are even dangerous for your life and cause death. So be careful, if you see a shadow resembling them or exactly them, try to  excape as soon as possible. Another dangerous, but not so common in Mediterranean sea are sharks. Only a few of them could attack people and if they attack, the mosf probable victims are divers or surfers  weared in wetsuit, because their shape and outlook resemble to  fish. What else. First time, I recommend to try surfing with rented surf. For one hour, it costs around ten euros (but depends on the area and state where you borrow it). When you realize you fall in love with this kind of sport, I recommend to buy your own one. It costs around 400 euros, but better this amount than to borrow it everytime from the rental store.  Moreover, special surfing courses are gelded regularly on coasts of almost each state with the sea or ocean. It is not so cheap but you can learn the technique of this sport really deeply. So why you wait? Don‘t hesitate and try this :)



 That was the best gift from my nice, beautiful and strong boyfriend. I love him.

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