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Erasmus blog Argentina

  • Carpe Diem: Seize the Day - the law of living abroad

    This post is relevant to any student (or traveller) who has decided to leave their country on an international cultural exchange programme to live with a new family, study in a new school and discover a culture potentially completely different to the one they left...

    0 by Emily, 15 days ago
  • Disorderly order - a semester in Argentina

    Warm fresh bread, the smell of 'mate' and the happiness to face a Monday that isn't so tragic as it used to be. This is how I began my twenty third day in Puerto Vilelas, a small but appealing town of around 14,000 inhabitants in the north of Argentina where I am...

    0 by Emily, 19 days ago
  • A few words about Argentina

    Hey there! I think its worth summing up everything I've written about Argentina in a brief post. Just in case anyone is thinking about visiting in the future but still wants some more information about the country. Here's a brief summary of some of the more general...

    0 by Jake, 5 years ago

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