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    Experience in Anna University, India by Arranya

    Generally, what is Anna University like? Anna university is like having limited and important core subjects.It is very helpful for us to obtain all basic knowledge.What are the facilities like? There are so much facilities like pattern changes based on the...

    0 by Arranya in Erasmus experiences ANNAUNIV , 5 years ago
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    Experience in Anna University, India by Ram

    Generally, what is Anna University like? Fair opportunity given to each student to prove their mettle. Excellent faculty members, research opportunity which made it as no. one institution in Tamil Nadu.What are the facilities like? Excellent staff members, very good...

    1 by Ram in Erasmus experiences ANNAUNIV , 6 years ago
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    212 years old Anna University

    I was a student of this university and the quality of technical education in this university is very good. The Campus is around 500 acres which is also the reserve forest area with lot t greenery, deers, birds and ponds. It is a very nice city and a very good University...

    0 by Senthil in Erasmus experiences ANNAUNIV , 10 years ago

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