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Ankara is the capital city of Turkey which holds lots of events that are important for both Turkey and the world. Hence every year lots of tourists come here from all around the world to join big events and organizations. Fortunately, they have different options to stay in comfort and secure. There are more than 200 hotels with different stars.

When tourists land in Ankara , they can be transported to hotels easily. There are some kinds of options like taxis, vip cars, buses etc. As a family of Ankararealestate.net, we offer the best transport services to hotels. Guest satisfication is very important for us. We can also show our real estates as freely with our vehicles. You can see details, learn prices, feel atmosphere, visit different type of buildings.

Ankara is a big city. There are more than 100 ambassadors from all over the world. When they have guests it is very important to stay close to ambassadors. For that reason, we do our best and offer the closest and best priced flat to the ambassadors. So they quickly get access to the ambassador. Thus we hope they feel more secure and gain time while trying to reach to ambassador.

There are vip residences to stay for very important people. These residences have high security and luxury. We make it easier to stay in a modern building with high life standard. But anyway, after staying in a building, flat or vip residence if you have any problem about anything you may call us.
When tourists have trouble they easily can ask to their ambassadors. Also Turkish citizen and police are ready to help and insure their security. But finding people from the same country always make people feel relaxed especially in a foreign country. So their first option may be their ambassadors.

It can seem to be a hardness for tourist to find a good quality real estate in Ankara. But in today's world they can find suites or apartments as online even from their hometown! Before their trip to Ankara www.realestateankara.net offers very different and good quality real estates. They can see a lot of details like; price, deposit, reference code, city, district, condition, type, heating system, floor, number of room, square meter, age of the building, floor number, the floor it stands and more... An addition to this they may ask to get extra information. Our professional consultants are ready to help you ! Please don't hesitate to ask more questions.

Our mission is to be a leader for all services in our sector. Customer relations is the highest priority of our services. We don't just offer a flat to stay or office to work, we offer a high quality facilities with high experience and support. In our website you can find informative articles in different languages. In addition to this pictures of rentals can be visited.

With our extra services and 15 years experience, your trip from your hometown to Ankara will be easy, comfortable and in secure.

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