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Supermarkets, which one to choose?

Like I've said, the price difference between supermarkets here is massive, so big in fact I've decided to dedicate an entire post to it.

The first week I was with my parents, and taking advantage of the fact we had a car we had a look round at a few different supermarkets, Carrefour City, Carrefour (they are different), some more local shops, Spar, Espace Anjou, Casino...

I was massively surprised when even between Carrefour City and Carrefour there was an enormous difference in price. Of course the City branch opened late, Monday to Sunday, so you pay for the privilege so to speak. It's also slap bang in the middle of the city, the other Carrefour isn't, it's in the outskirts and you've got to drive or catch a bus to get there.

A kilo of chicken for 15€, A kilo of potatoes up to 3. 50€, I thought, have they gone mad? Did I imagine everything? But anyway, I knew that France isn't Spain, the quality of life is better so I just had to get used to it.

But that didn't stop me from looking around and trying different places until I finally got to Space Anjou, Géant Casino. You've got to grab a bus to get there, line 9 to be exact, and every time I go it takes ages as it's absolutely massive and I have a look at everything. But it's definitely worth it. It's much cheaper than the other supermarkets, and it's 'own' brand is really good and more in line with Spanish prices. Some things are even cheaper than in Spain.

Is it worth going to and saving a bit of money?

I can assure you, it is. You don't save a bit, you a save a lot. There are things that for the same price you buy one for in the supermarket, here you can buy two, imagine the savings if you're doing that for 9 months!

If there are huge differences in price between the shops in the city centre, you can't even begin to imagine the prices here. Paying one euro less for everything is amazing!

Thanks to this shopping centre, my friends and I have had dinner and a drink for about €2. 30 each. Something I didn't even think was possible here!

When people ask me where I do my shopping, to compare, I tell them about this place, they try it, and then can't stop going back. Don't even think about going anywhere else.

We've also done an online shop on Intermarché for things like water, milk, Coke, juices and other heavy things. The price isn't that different, and as it was free delivery we made the most of it to get everything that was too heavy to get when we went to 'our usual' supermarket.

When you do the shopping yourself, take everything into account. You have to know what you're buying... and where to buy it. ;)

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