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6200 feet above the sea level in Andorra

Published by Adriannaerys W — 13 days ago

On the top of the world and 6 200 feet above the sea level

One day you are dreaming, and the next day you are driving the car to the top of the 16th smallest country in the world. Where I am? What is my destination this time?

Let’s take a look at how this trip started. My dad’s friend was telling us many times, that we have to Spain, especially Barcelona.After 2 years of planting the seeds and persuading us, we changed our mind and decided to go for a holiday. Why not give a fresh relaxing start of the academic year and go for a few September days to Barcelona? Although, I had no idea I will experience much more than a simple tourist who is walking in the city center of Barcelona…

6200 feet above the sea level in Andorra

’Shall we rent a car in Spain?’’ – my dad’s friend asked. At the beginning, I thought the car is not practical, as there may be problems with parking, garage, but later I must say that it was the best decision ever. If we wouldn’t have a car, we wouldn’t be able to reach this peak of the mountain!

While preparing for this trip I was looking at the trip advisor and at the maps simultaneously. At one moment I got a brilliant idea – if we have a car, can we go to France or this little country? Let me check, what is this Andorra?  

Andorra – a tiny masterpiece of nature

Andorra or Principality of Andorra is a small country located in the eastern Pyrenees. It is close to France and Spain, thus if you find it in the map, you may wish to visit this small, but magnificent country. You will notice that people in Andorra as so happy and bright! Why? Maybe because the population is just 77 000? Or is it because they live the longest among all the people in the world with the life expectancy 81 years?  


Pic De Monturull 

 However, I believe this is due to Andorran nature and most stunning views I was trying to capture on my camera.3 h of driving to the top of the mountains might sound like a boring journey, but every second we were admiring views through the opened windows of the car: Valira de Nord river, Coma Pedrosa valleys, and this Mediterranean climate made our journey unforgettable, despite the dangerous roads. Therefore, be careful while driving and if you feel unsafe or lack of confidence – let another person drive the car. Still, you want to reach Pic De Monturull at 2.228 m, right? This peak is the highest average mountain pass in Europe.  

6200 feet above the sea level in Andorra


Interestingly, due to close borders and history, Andorra is the only country where the Catalan language is official. Although, if you speak French or Spanish, you won’t have any problems communicating with the locals, is it the shop, police officer or receptionist.  

Did you know that Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley is in UNESCO? Here we go! This is one more reason to visit Andorra. Back in 2004, this valley with the natural beauty of waterfalls, mountains and green colors was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and according to statistics, it covers 9 % of this little country! Thus, if you think of Andorra – imagine rocky mountains, high peaks and… no airport! Therefore, if you would like to visit Andorra one day, you will have to plan your trip to Toulouse or Barcelona, which is a perfect reason to extend your trip and visit 2 countries!

6200 feet above the sea level in Andorra

Overall, when I think about my trip to Spain, my memories don’t lead me to Barcelona or the sunny beach, but to this glorious place, where you feel such a tiny human being who is hiking 1000 meters above the sea level and expecting to see the magic of nature.

And that’s why Andorra should be on your top 10 places to see ‘’Before I die’’.

6200 feet above the sea level in Andorra

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