• Andorra

    On the top of the world and 6 200 feet above the sea level One day you are dreaming, and the next day you are driving the car to the top of the 16th smallest country in the world. Where I am? What is my destination this time? Let’s take a look at how this trip...

    0 by Adriannaerys, in What to see Andorra La Vella, one year ago
  • La Mafia

    Once you arrive to Andorra you’ll begin to notice the colder weather and nothing better than a good meal inside a wood warm restaurant with a cozy environment to warm up. You’ll be able to choose between several plates always accompanied with good...

  • Caldea

    Come and relax in a space where you can enjoy the water in all its states: ice, steam, hot air, pressurized water… Forget all your worries and enjoy Chaldea with its dynamic indoor and outdoor lagoons, the Jacuzzis, the Indo Roman bath, the Icelandic bath, the Sirocco...

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