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Amsterdam two coffeeshops

Published by Sal ome — 2 years ago

Blog: 2017-2018
Tags: Erasmus blog Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

The introduction

In this article I want to tell you about the two coffeeshops in Amsterdam, which people usually visit, however, one of them is very popular coffeeshop in Amsterdam, while the second is not that much known and despite that, people know some things about it and they usually go to that one.

Well, there are these two major coffee shops, one of which everyone knows is called Bulldog coffeeshop and the other one is less famous and it’s called coffeeshop New Times.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

What you can do in coffee shops

If you don’t know (and, I’m sure, that you know), coffeeshops are such cafes or places like that, where you can go and have a smoke or just have some brownies or small pound cakes bought and eaten, and they are not just simple cakes, rather, they are prepared with some weed and things like that and when you eat them you get high just like you have smoked something. I remember me and my friends visited this Bulldog coffee shop once and they wanted to smoke some weed and they also bought some weed brownies.

You know, you should really know what you are doing and how you are doing it, because you can get really bad once you overdose. There was this lady, who smoked the half of it with one breath and she got all running around crying “water, water, give me some water” and we couldn’t really do anything, because we didn’t know how to help her. Then there was this restaurant nearby and a waiter went outside with a 500 ml glass filled with orange juice or something and he told her to sit and drink that juice all the way until it was finished and she would be alright, so that, keep that in mind!

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

Smoking weed or eating brownies?

Well, eating those brownies is not that bad, either, and some people say, that they are lot better than smoking, because although they work a little bit later, the feeling you get is pretty good and it lasts longer than smoking weed, so that some people prefer eating brownies or cakes for that matter. However, you should really smoke weed while you are in Amsterdam, if you ask me.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

Bulldog coffee shop

To tell you the truth, everyone just goes to this Bulldog coffee shop, because mainly it’s the one, that they have heard of and, secondly, it’s a famous coffee shop and, of course, everyone wants to see that famous place and go there and then tell friends, that he/she visited that famous Bulldog café and had a smoke there or ate some brownies.

Well, this Bulldog coffee shop is not very far from the Amsterdam central station, where people usually get to the first thing they arrive in Amsterdam, because it’s the very efficient place to get to after you have got off the airplane or if you have arrived in Amsterdam on train. When you get out of the Amsterdam central station, it’s like everything’s just around and nearby and you just have to walk a little bit to get to any great place in Amsterdam.

When we went to the Bulldog coffee shop, we just walked some kilometres from Amsterdam central station just straight, walking past the Dam Square and then going to the left, where we would then arrive to the canals and walk towards the left on the Red Light District. There are other Bulldog coffeeshops in Amsterdam, however, we visited that one then.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

You know, it’s not that easy to get to some places in that city, which is not familiar to you, and that’s why you need to have the Google Maps on your phone constantly open and checking the location. You should know, that it doesn’t really work offline, however, it can work offline and it can even get your GPS and get your location, so that it’s not that big of a problem if you don’t have an internet access at that time, however, it’s really recommended that you have an Internet access everywhere you go, though when roaming, it’s really expensive to have some kind of Internet access, not to mention the unlimited Internet access.

So, after some time of walking through the canals of Amsterdam, we arrived to our destination, which was Bulldog coffee shop and we saw, that there were many people there around outside the coffee shop and there was just this small space outside, where you could hang out, however, you couldn’t really hang out there for too long, because then the security would come to you and tell you not to sit there in front of the Bulldog café. Well, there’s not much place to sit around it, if you want to know the truth.

If you want to get inside the Bulldog coffee shop, you should have an ID or a passport, so that they will check whether you are 18 plus or not and you should have those documents with you, otherwise, you will just be left outside. That’s really sad, however it’s really important thing, of course.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

To be honest, there’s not much space inside the Bulldog coffee shop either (in the one, that we visited). You will just have to be in that narrow place in all that smoke smoking weed and, perhaps, enjoying your stay there, however, it’s not that big of a comfort in that, if you ask me. well, when you are high, it doesn’t really matter, I guess.

Well, that time, when we got to the Bulldog coffee shop, we entered a little bit and then went out, because there were too many people inside and, besides, one of us didn’t have an ID or passport and the security couldn’t let her in and we didn’t want to get inside there without her, so that we decided to go somewhere else.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

Coffee shop New Times

So, this coffee shop New Times is located just on the opposite direction of Bulldog coffee shop, which is kind of logical, however, it’s not located on that same kind of busy street or place as the Bulldog coffee shop is located. Rather, there’s this much more silent and calm and kind of creepy street just in some kilometres from Amsterdam central station. Although it was already past 11 p. m., I guess, when we went there, however, I still was not expecting everything around to be that silent and there were not many people walking around. The street is called Spuistraat and it’s a pretty wide street characteristic to the Amsterdam, if you want to know the truth.

The very first thing, that I noticed, that took me by surprise was that the coffee shop opens at 7 in the morning. It kind of made me laugh, I mean, who wants to smoke that early in the morning? Well, I guess, some people go there at that early time, because otherwise they wouldn’t be open at 7 a. m. And, well, the coffee shop is closed on 1 a. m. and I think, that it’s a pretty good time for closing, because people should go home at that time already.

Getting there is pretty easy, especially when you have google maps on your phone. The environment is pretty good and cozy at the same time. There they have TV screens and people usually watch football there, if you want to know the truth, while smoking some weed. They also offer you some drinks and snacks, such as cheese and ham toast and nachos and things like that in reasonable prices somewhere about 4 Euros, so that it’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me. They also have some discount vouchers for some night clubs and events and you can get them there free of charge.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

The staff members are very nice and they can tell you about the menu and describe you everything and advise you.

Well, the first time we were there, they didn’t ask us the ID cards or passports and we just got inside and took this White Widow and sat there at a table in the corner or the bar, however, the next time they asked for the ID cards, so that you shouldn’t leave your ID or passport at home when you decide to visit the coffee shops. It’s really important.

Amsterdam two coffeeshops

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