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Sunsets in Alexanderia

Published by Sylvia Azmy — 4 months ago

Blog: Dora around Egypt
Tags: Erasmus blog Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

My first sunset 

It was my first time ever to observe a sunset. The magnificence of the sun going down to that line that separates the sea from the sky made me tear. I had just finished a cup of coffee, and I was hyper enough to observe every single detail. The waves crashing the big rocks in the sea, the fisherman sitting waiting to catch his living, the smell of the water, the smell of rotten fish, all of this and more came along with My first sunset.

A friend of mine and I imagined what is happening to the sun to disappear like this. No, it is not about the earth spinning around its own center; it is about God pressing on the sun with His thumb and finger to make its light vanish like this. Or maybe the sun is a searchlight and God turns it off? 

I did not want to leave, but this is life. I had to farewell the sunset before the sun goes away. 

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