🎓 Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment (Web Design Technology), HOWEST, ✅

Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment

Howest University of Applied Sciences (HOWEST)

  • Location Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Type of Degree Bachelor
  • Start Date Request info
  • Duration 3 years
  • Application Deadline Request info
  • Language English
  • Attendance On Campus
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Instructor-paced
  • Tuition fees 961 €

Program description


"DAE is a three-year full-time Bachelor degree programme designed by and developed for creative, ambitious, passionate and exceptional individuals, ready to push the limits of tomorrow’s interactive or pre-rendered 3D. "

Do you often fantasize about 2D or 3D worlds which do not yet exist? Do you consider yourself to be creative, ambitious, resourceful and above all passionate about games, films and special effects? Do you wish to experiment and create content with state-of the art technology and software? Do you want to become a professional game developer, a game or VFX Artist, a 3D animator or a Sound Designer for games, or even start your own game company? If so, then Digital Arts & Entertainment is the educational programme for you! Before you start your journey at DAE, there are a few things that you should learn about us - and about yourself.

The industry is built on passion, commitment and hard work. You will need all these 3 qualities if you want to succeed. Our programme is more than just a way to acquire certain set of skills. It’s about allowing yourself to be shaped into an industry professional with the right work attitude and flexibility to be able to keep up with the growing demands of this field. You shouldn’t just study DAE to graduate and get your degree: you should study it in order to get exceedingly good at what you love to do, and to express that through your portfolio. This is what’s going to get you a job at your dream company.

Students who choose for DAE become part of an international acclaimed bachelor programme which will prepare you for the wondrous and challenging world of game development and movie design. At DAE, you’ll have to make a choice from a menu of 6 study majors. Depending on the major you pick, you will primarily be taught technical or artistic skills. Whichever major you go for, only enter this study programme if you are dedicated and committed to putting in the time and effort, and if you have the ‘grit’ this journey will require. If you can commit to that, we are looking forward to welcoming you at DAE.

This program is available in Dutch and English

6 majors to choose from:

  • 3D Animation
  • Sound Design
  • Game Graphics Production
  • Game Development
  • Independent Game Production
  • Visual Effects (VFX)

  • Verified Bachelor
  • Places available!
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