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Bachelor of Business Degree

Galway Business School (GBS)

  • Location Galway, Ireland
  • Degree Type Bachelor
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  • Language English
  • Attendance Blended
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Self-paced
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Program description

Come to study your Business degree here in the amazing city of Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. The degree programme is awarded by the Galway Business School on behalf of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

This programme is designed to give you a clearly structured, yet innovative education in business which will provide you with a solid foundation for success in your future career.

Why study the Bachelor of Business degree?

On our Bachelor of Business undergraduate degree programme, you’ll:

  • Develop employment-focused, transferable skills necessary to perform in a business environment.
  • Learn to effectively communicate information, ideas and solutions.
  • Gain the ability to critically analyse and comprehend the latest thinking and best business practice through real-world scenarios.

The Bachelor of Business degree reflects both best practice in business education and relevance to the real world.

As a business graduate, you’ll emerge confident and work ready, with a relevant and in-demand qualification for a diverse range of careers.

What will you learn on this programme?

On the Bachelor of Business undergraduate programme you’ll:

  • Acquire knowledge of key business frameworks, models and concepts to enhance your skills in today’s dynamic business environments.
  • Build your confidence in analysing and planning business strategies in areas of management, finance and information systems.
  • Learn key problem-solving abilities that will allow you to sort and interpret data, ensuring you can plan, design and implement effective business processes.
  • Enhance your communication techniques so you can communicate competently, confidently and informatively with your peers and business managers.
  • Be prepared to partake effectively in any organisation's multidisciplinary settings due to the group work and assignments.

How is the programme structured?

This is an intensive, cutting-edge programme designed to ensure you’re working to the required standard of a level 7 degree.

The course places emphasis on the practical application of theory. This is supported by problem-based learning, such as:

  • Case studies
  • Group activities
  • Research-based learning (such as business research projects)

You’ll experience online business simulations and participate in new business planning projects that will foster imaginative thinking among you and your classmates.

Delivery Modes

Our Bachelor of Business degree programme is delivered in both a full-time (day) and part-time (evening) basis. 

Full-time mode

As a full-time student, you will study over four days during the week with classes usually starting at noontime. You will benefit from blended learning which incorporates both Face-to-Face lectures and online activities. In addition to this, throughout the semester you can take part in workshops and demonstrations that will lead you towards a better understanding of your coursework.

Part-time mode

As a part-time student, you will study over two evenings per week during the academic year. The course is developed to provide blended learning, so course material is delivered through Face-to-face learning and online activities.

If you’re already living and working in Ireland, in the Galway area, you can study through our evening programme.

The huge advantage of this comprehensive degree programme is that you can work through the modules of the degree in the way that best suits your personal circumstances.

If you're an international student who is coming to Galway specifically to follow the Bachelor of Business degree, you can follow a daytime programme. 

Regardless of how you choose to study our business degree programme here at Galway Business School, you'll benefit from a practical application of the theory through case studies, group activities and research projects.


You’ll be assessed through a combination of continuous assessment and examinations throughout the programme.

Continuous assessment can include:

  • Written examinations
  • Individual or group projects
  • Mock interviews
  • Presentations

Academic Career & Progression Routes

You may be asking "What can I do with a Bachelor of Business Degree?"

Many options are open to graduates of this course, including:

  • You can continue to our one-year Bachelor of Business (Honours) with International Business, Level 8, degree programme
  • You may choose to apply for courses in other higher-level colleges based in Ireland and worldwide
  • Progress towards a successful career in business
  • Continue to higher levels of academic achievement

Job roles open to graduates of the Bachelor of Business degree programme include roles in multinational and small to medium-sized enterprises in Ireland and around the globe in sectors such as:

  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT

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