BA (Hons) Organisational Communication with Media Management Degree

European School of Economics - Milan Campus (ESE Milan)

  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Degree Type BA
  • Start Date Request info
  • Duration 3 years
  • Application Deadline Request info
  • Language English
  • Attendance On Campus
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Instructor-paced
  • Tuition fees 16000 €

Program description

  • You'll have access to all our campuses located in downtown Milan, Madrid, London, New York, Florence and Rome.
  • Maximum 25 students per course.
  • Enrolling all year round.
  • 3 intakes every year: September, January and April.
  • To enrich your programme you will have access to extra-curricular activities, two 3 month internship experiences included and guaranteed and intra-campus mobility for study or internship reasons.

The economics to come, industries and corporate enterprises should teach the Art of Dreaming – the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people, managers and employees, to become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.

From “Business as a School of Being”, by Elio D’Anna, Founder and President European School of Economics

In ancient times, a city was measured by the distance a common voice could carry, and there the walls would be built. With the onslaught of technology, civilisation finds itself on the brink of yet another Age, and while men scramble for a place in the panorama of a workplace that is no longer confined to one city or even one nation, the need for advance and improved forms of communication becomes vital.

We strongly believe that the sustenance of an enterprise lies not only in the workings of its systems -these relying among other things on smooth internal and external communication, but in the propagation and expansion of its values and integrity. In today’s ever- expanding multi-national market, it is only with the support of rigorous communication structures and practices that an enterprise, can expect to not only sustain itself, but grow and flourish.

Distinctive Features of all ESE Undergraduate Courses:

  • Small class sizes which help faculty cultivate a mentor relationship with students and provide the individual attention needed to

    discover their special skills and succeed in their chosen pathway

  • A British degree programme offered across two continents with the possibility of transferring between campuses in London, Milan, Florence, Rome, Madrid, New York (study abroad centre) on a per term or per year basis
  • Academic credit for language modules which will increase employability
  • Two internship placements from companies worldwide
  • Integrative workshops to provide the knowledge, skills, practice and pastoral care to ensure
  • Two intakes per academic year – September, January – providing extra enrolment options

Graduates from the BA ( Hons) Organisational Communication with Media Management possess:

  • A solid understanding of the global business environment, trading systems, and geo and socio-political influences on investments, trade, and the economic landscape and how these are conditioned and influenced by communications
  • Strong analytical skills, capable of identifying and assessing strategic opportunities that may benefit an organisation in both domestic and international markets
  • The flexibility and creativity necessary to address challenges presented by a rapidly changing international business environment.
  • The technical skills and experience to communicate effectively using a number of media and on numerous levels – operational, managerial and creative
  • Cross-cultural communication skills, capable of managing people, resources and information across cultural boundaries

Students may transfer from similar undergraduate courses with a maximum of 240 credits.

Completion of the programme requires:

  • Two internship placements
  • Final Project related to the chosen specialisation
  • Study of a foreign language
  • Full time compulsory attendance

Indicative Modules

Year 1

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Language
  • Economics of Business
  • Introduction to Business
  • Sociology of Work and Organisation
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • 1st Internship


  • Study Skills, Report Writing and Presentations
  • ESE Ethos
  • Preparation for the Workplace

Year 2

  • Media Management
  • Organisational Communication
  • Language
  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Language
  • Market Research Methods
  • E-Business and E-Commerce
  • Cross Cultural Marketing Communication
  • 2nd Internship


  • Computer Skills
  • ESE Ethos
  • Research Methodology

Year 3

  • International Project Management
  • Strategy and Strategic Dilemmas
  • Global Communication Challenges
  • Broadcasting & Digital Innovation
  • Corporate Communication Strategy
  • Public Relations Theory & Practice
  • Final Project in Management


  • Creative Thinking
  • ESE Ethos Project
  • Business Plan/Final Project Development

ESE's Internship Programme:

We believe that anyone can realize their dreams and have the ability to do what they really love. From the very first year of study, ESE students therefore have the concrete opportunity to proactively move towards their professional goals and target their objectives. While developing a range of marketable skills and competencies, internships will furthermore allow students to:

  • bridge the gap between undergraduate study and the labour market
  • apply course knowledge in practical situations within the work environment
  • test individual career plans by obtaining experience in a chosen field, and thus helping one to better understand what it is that they really love to do
  • develop inner qualities and gain a practical understanding of the concept of individual responsibility, according to which external events are projections of one’s own inner state
  • develop a professional network and assess internship providers for future employment opportunities.

Working in collaboration with more than fifteen hundred leading international companies, including some of FORTUNE’S 100 Best Companies to Work For, the European School of Economics offers one of the most competitive university internship programmes available today.

Many students are offered jobs even before graduation. The Internship Department plays a crucial role in assisting students to identify their objectives and learn how to exert their full potential. It provides personalized and challenging internship placements worldwide at all ESE campuses.

  • Verified Bachelor
  • Places available!
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