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Information Technology

Collegium Da Vinci (CDV)

Program description

We cooperate with many significant companies in the IT industry, including Trecom, Whalla Labs or Netguru. We educate IT specialists, people who create, develop, implement (apply) technologies on which the modern world is based. We educate specialists necessary on the market, but also conscious users, recipients of information technologies.

For whom?

Why Information Technology?

  • Math and Physics classes are minimized
. We have limited mathematics and physics to the minimum necessary to understand IT issues.
  • Modules including modern technologies
. The program includes modules covering modern technologies, such as internet of things and cloud computing.
  • Cooperation with Trecom
. The specialization of IT systems and infrastructure has been entirely developed in close consultation with engineers from TRECOM.
  • Team projects
. The course includes Team projects and solving dually case studies. 

  • Virtual work environments. Exercises are carried out using, among others a virtual work environment that allows you to freely execute commands on operating systems.
  • Exercises using network equipment. Exercises using network equipment allow you to configure, for example, packet transfer routes. Exercises with modern equipment and network technologies take place in the Trecom laboratory. 

  • Free software
. As a CDV student you will get completely out of charge the latest Microsoft Office ProPlus 365.
  • Additional subjects related to other courses
. We want our student to develop completely and according to their beliefs, thus apart from specialization, you can also choose additional subjects related to other courses that are available in Collegium Da Vinci e. g. e. g. Graphics, Mediaworking, Consulting and Coaching, Creative Management, Urban Management.
  • 70% of practical classes
. 70% of practical classes (workshops and computer labs) and are run by specialists from companies recognized in the IT industry (including Black Moon Design, B2 Internet, Whalla Labs).
  • A unique computer games laboratory
. A unique computer games laboratory with XBOX consoles, Kinect controllers and TV sets and computers equipped with the latest Unreal Engine 4.0 game programming engine.


The specialization is directed to people who want to work in IT as a programmer or designer.

If you would like to:

  • Work as a developer (programmer)
  • Design applications and services, intelligent solutions (Internet of Things and wearable technology)
  • Design web, web, multimedia, mobile applications and games, eg using the Unity engine
  • Get to know and use new programming environments
  • Work as an administrator, a person managing, maintaining and designing IT infrastructure
  • Build, configure and secure network infrastructure
  • Design IT infrastructure, in particular virtual, distributed, cloud solutions used in a data center

Job offers:

  • Cloud system administrator
  • Application administrator
  • Databases administrator
  • Unix / Linux administrator
  • Windows administrator
  • Project designer / programmer of web and mobile applications
  • Junior / senior programmer (developer)
  • Software tester
  • Junior/ senior administrator
  • Technical specialist
  • Helpdesk specialist
  • Unity / unreal developer

  • Verified Bachelor
  • Places available!
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