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Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Mary Immaculate College (MIC-UL)

  • Location Limerick, Ireland
  • Type of Degree Bachelor
  • Start Date 2021/09/20
  • Duration 3 years
  • Application Deadline 2021/07/02
  • Language English
  • Attendance On Campus
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Instructor-paced
  • Tuition fees 11128 €

Program description

Bachelor of Arts (International)

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Arts is a four-year, full-time, honours degree (Level 8) but can be shortened to three years in the case of some international applicants. At MIC the programme is flexible and wide-ranging. Students study four different major subjects in First Year and focus on two of these in Second Year, which they will then continue to study to degree level as joint honours. You can study a combination of subjects from familiar Arts subjects such as English, French, German or History, to newer subjects such as Drama & Theatre Studies, Media & Communication Studies or Psychology. If you are pursuing the four-year programme, you will spend your third year off-campus on a work placement or studying abroad.

Why Study the Bachelor of Arts at MIC?

Becoming an arts student and graduate is one of the best ways to develop vital skills for your career, for personal growth, and to make the fullest contribution to society. The flexibility of studying an arts degree at MIC means that you can study a combination of familiar arts subjects and try new ones in the first year before deciding on the two subjects you wish to gain your degree in.

Our Arts students develop excellent communication and thinking skills that enable them to engage critically and analytically with the world around them. Subject-specific content is supported by general skills modules, elective modules, and research.

The Bachelor of Arts at MIC is taught by academics from 13 different subject departments, which ensures great diversity. A commonality for all however, is that staff are excellent teachers, renowned subject experts, and compassionate. Assessment methods vary greatly depending on the subject and the year. As BA students, you will be assessed in a variety of coursework, practical tasks, written examinations, and conducting your own research.

Throughout each year, you will develop broad and specific skills to enhance both your personal and professional capacity. In Year 1, you will take Foundation Studies, which includes the development of literary, computing, problem-solving, and research skills. In Year 2, you will further broaden your skill base by selecting elective modules. These include Entrepreneurship, Gender Studies, Information Technology (IT), Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and Education. The electives in Education may be particularly suited to those who wish to pursue a career in teaching. In Year 3, you will have opportunities to develop specific skills through work, or travel, or studying abroad as part of the Off-Campus Programme. You will submit your undergraduate dissertation, demonstrating your research skill and ability to work independently in your fourth and final year.

Career Opportunities

With an MIC Bachelor of Arts degree, you will be a sought-after graduate with a range of knowledge and transferable skills. The list below demonstrates just some of the sectors that our graduates find employment in. Whether you want to pursue further study or just be a highly employable person, the Bachelor of Arts is an excellent choice:

  • Academic Administration
  • Psychology
  • Arts Bodies
  • Public Service
  • Civil Service
  • Publishing
  • Film Industry
  • Social Services
  • Financial Services
  • Teaching
  • International and EU Organisations
  • Television & Radio
  • Linguistic & Translation Work
  • Tourism
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Urban Planning
  • Overseas Aid Work
  • Professional Administration/Management
  • Banking and Commerce
  • Regional and Local Community Development


  • Drama & Theatre Studies
  • English Language & Literature
  • French Studies
  • Gaeilge
  • Geography
  • German Studies
  • History
  • Mathematics & Computer Studies
  • Media & Communication Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Theology & Religious Studies

Off-Campus Programme

In Year 3, you will participate in an off-campus programme. This typically consists of a study abroad placement in Europe, Australia or the USA and/or work placements in a wide variety of settings, in Ireland or abroad. International placements are highly valued and encouraged for the added cultural and linguistic benefits they confer. The off-campus programme provides students with a unique opportunity to discover the world and experience working environments which may also provide future employment for graduates.

While all BA students are encouraged to spend at least one semester in another country, students of French, German and Spanish are required to complete at least one semester in an environment where the relevant language(s) is/are spoken. This provides an opportunity to experience and understand other cultures, and, in the case of placements in continental Europe, to improve foreign language skills. Students are encouraged to make full use of the consequent opportunities for further travel, fostering adaptability and a global outlook to enable them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world of work.

Note: The option of a three year programme is not available to students of Psychology as they are required to take modules in the spring semester of Year 3. This makes the off-campus option available for one semester only, in the autumn.

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