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Portekizce Online ─░ngilizce ├Â─črenin

  • Portuguese Classes (A1-B1) for Erasmus Students

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Francisco ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: I╠çspanyolcaB1 ┬Ě GermanC1 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hi, I'm Francisco and I'm a law student in Lisbon. I was born in Lisbon and I am fluent in English and speak German reasonably well. First of all, wel...

  • Portuguese classes with a native speaker

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Beatriz ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hello! My name is Beatriz and I┬┤m from Portugal. I have always enjoyed teaching others, it has always been a passion. I am available to teach and shar...

  • Certified Brazilian Portuguese Teacher -

    20$ per hour

    • flag-br Fernanda ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2

    Olá! I have been teaching Portuguese for over 10 years and I just love what I do, so I am very dedicated and attentive to each one of my students. ...

  • P├│s m├ędio (Cultura, tradi├ž├Áes Brasileiras),t├ęcnico (identifica├ž├úo, constru├ž├úo, elabora├ž├úo)gradua├ž├úo,

    5$ per hour

    • flag-br Marlon ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: PortekizceB2

    Tutor, Brasileiro, idioma portugu├¬s, credenciado em guia de turismo (Am├ęrica latina), massoterapeuta (Cultura hindu ayurveda), desenhista projetista (...


    12ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Silvana ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hola soy profesora de portugu├ęs nativa licenciada en psicopedagog├şa con m├íster en Dificultades de Aprendizaje y tambi├ęn traductora del espa├▒ol al po...

  • Bilingue Portuguesa e Francesa com 10 anos de experi├¬ncia.

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-fr Mari ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaNative ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    J'ai obtenu ma licence en France. I got my graduation in France. H├ę conseguido mi diploma en Francia. Obtive o meu diploma em Fran├ža. Ho ottenuto il m...

  • Learn Portuguese in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Gabriele ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaA2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaNative ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hi! I am Gabriele. Born in Brazil and raised in Italy, I have always been passionate about learning and studying languages, and I wish to share this p...

  • Aula de portugu├¬s para pr├ítica de conversa├ž├úo, vocabul├írio e flu├¬ncia. Aprenda o portugu├¬s e a cultura brasileira!

    12ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Rebeca Luiza ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: I╠çspanyolcaA1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Oi pessoal, me chamo Rebeca. Sou brasileira e quero ajudar você a aprender o português com facilidade. Sou uma professora paciente e criativa. No meu ...

  • Brazilian Portuguese teacher with 15 years of experience

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Regina ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaA2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaA2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hello, Holá, Ciao Bonjour! My name is Regina. I'm from. São Paulo, Brazil. I love to teach and I have good methodology for you learning with pleasure...

  • Fil├│loga con experiencia imparte clases de portugu├ęs

    8ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-xx Andrea ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB2 ┬Ě PortekizceC2

    ┬┐Te vas de erasmus a Portugal? Estas clases son las ideales para ti. Estoy graduada en filolog├şa portuguesa y en el M├íster Universitario de Formaci├│n ...

  • Portuguese (from Portugal) teacher, 25 years experience, Master in Languages and Literature- Portuguese-French

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Isabel ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaNative

    I was born in Portugal and became a high school teacher ( public schools and IB schools) after finishing my Master. I moved to LOndon for 8 years, wh...

  • Portuguese teacher - native speaker - classes for everyone!

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br livia ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě GermanC1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Welcome to my classes! LetÔÇÖs learn Portuguese! Seja bem-vindo (a)! My classes aim to respond to the specific needs of the student. I will be able to...

  • Learn portugu├¬s on line via skipe It will be easy and effective!

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Jo├úo ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB1

    Coming to Portugal? Need to learn portuguese? I'm here to help. I am portuguese teacher. Have a long experience on teaching portuguese on line. So if ...

  • Portuguese teacher with 10 years of experience

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Irandir ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB2 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaC1 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaA2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative ┬Ě Flemenk├žeB1

    Ola, tudo bem? My name is Irandir, I am a Brazilian teacher, living in Brussels and passionate about teaching Portuguese. I have graduated in language...

  • Lezioni di portoghese online docente madrelingua laureata in Lettere

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-it MANUELA ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceA1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaA1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaA1 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaC1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Mother tongue teacher qualified for teaching, graduated in Letters. Docente madrelingua abilitata all'insegnamento con laurea magistrale in Lettere/L...

  • Clases de Portugu├ęs con profesora nativa

    10$ per hour

    • flag-br Bruna ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceA2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Oi! Soy Bruna, estudi├ę Letras en Brasil y me dedico a dar clases de portugu├ęs desde 2015. Ense├▒o portugu├ęs para extranjeros desde de 2018. Puedo ense...

  • ÔÜá´ŞĆ­čçÁ­čç╣ Learn Portuguese with a native, IÔÇÖll teach you how to speak like a native!

    6ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Beatriz ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaA2 ┬Ě PortekizceB2

    ­čĹő Ol├í! Are you moving to Portugal to study or work? Or maybe you are just thinking about taking a nice long vacation here? IÔÇÖm a portuguese girl, rig...

  • Learn Brazilian Portuguese with a native!

    5ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Lara ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB1 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB2

    Olá! Ciao! Hola! Hello! Are you interested in learning Portuguese? Do you need to learn the language for studies or work? Or you would like to learn ...

  • Speak Portuguese and learn about the culture of the Portuguese-speaking world

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt ├éngelo ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě JaponcaA1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaA2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaA2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative ┬Ě ArabA2 ┬Ě KatalancaB1 ┬Ě Gali├žyacaNative

    Ol├í, everyone! My name is ├éngelo and IÔÇÖm from Lisbon, Portugal. For the last 15 years IÔÇÖve been teaching Portuguese and Spanish as a second or foreig...

  • Portuguese teacher with 25 years of experience

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-xx Ana Paula Coelho ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB1 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hi. I'm a Portuguese teacher, for more than 25 years, in public and private schools. I have a degree in Portuguese, Latin and Greek and a master's de...

  • Brazilian Portuguese teacher with 8 years of experience

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Camilla ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    I have worked as a Portuguese teacher for Foreigners since 2012. I have an undergraduate degree in Portuguese Language, and a masterÔÇÖs degree in Braz...

  • Portuguese native speaker for online lessons

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Lu├şs ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hello! My name is Luis, i am from Portugal and i live in UK. I'll be able to give portuguese lessons online via zoom or skype for those who want to ac...

  • Brazilian Portuguese lessons with experienced native teacher

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-br Frederico ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    My name is Frederico Amatto and I am a native Brazilian linguist based in London. I have devised a project to cater for language-lovers who are inter...

  • Portuguese tutor with 7 months of experience

    9ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Catalina ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative ┬Ě RumenceC1

    Olá! Hello! My name is Catalina and I'm both a student and a tutor. I teach portuguese as a foreign language. It consists of the basics of the languag...

  • Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian lessons - Online and face to face lessons.

    30£ per hour

    • flag-gb Eddie ┬Ě Teaches: Portekizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaNative ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaNative ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Hi, We have a small school in Shepherds Bush - West London - where we teach a few languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish and Ital...

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