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─░ngilizce Online ─░ngilizce ├Â─črenin

  • Certified TEFL/TESOL teacher with 9 years of experience

    10$ per hour

    • flag-eg Moamen ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2

    I'll be with you ­čĹą until you reach professioncy Ôťů­čÄ»­čĹî­čĆ╗­čĺ»­čŚú´ŞĆ ě¬┘łěžěÁ┘ä ┘ůě╣┘Ő. Mr. Moe: Certified TEFL Instructor I Teach English to non English language stu...

  • Fun and Engaging English lessons for Kids

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-es Rawnak ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2

    Hello! Hola! My name's is Rawnak, a university student with a passion for teaching English. I'm thrilled to offer private lessons tailored specifical...

  • SOC Analyst Training And Certification Course in India | US | UK & 30+ Countries

    86$ per hour

    • flag-in SIEM ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2

    SIEM XPERT, SOC Analyst Training online offers awareness of various tools and technologies to find, analyze, and report cyber threats. With the increa...

  • Profesora de idiomas con 4 a├▒os de experiencia.

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-xx Eva ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaC2

    Hola! Me llamo Eva soy profe de idiomas de franc├ęs, ingl├ęs y espa├▒ol para extranjeros. Llevo ejercienco como profe desde hace 4 a├▒os, desde nivel prin...

  • Teaching English, IÔÇÖVE learned at international schools so I have a good knowledge about languages

    6ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-ru đáđ░đŻđ░ ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2

    Hello! Hola! Bonjour! My name is rana and IÔÇÖm from Egypt but IÔÇÖm studying medicine at Russia . IÔÇÖve made teaching my career because I love helping my ...

  • Clases de ingl├ęs todas las edades niveles A1- B2

    13ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-es Isabel ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative

    ┬┐Te cuesta el ingl├ęs? Profesora titulada con m├ís de 5 a├▒os de experiencia. Clases de ingl├ęs online y en persona, personalizadas a tu nivel y necesidad...

  • First class English and History graduate from University of Warwick

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-es Oscar ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě GermanB1

    Hey, my name is Oscar and I'm half Spanish, half German, but I've lived all my life in England. I like tutoring because it's really fulfilling to help...

  • Tailored Oral Skills Classes with Teacher MJ

    27ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-us MJ ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaNative ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB2 ┬Ě GermanB2

    MJ: I am unique in teaching. Asking questions wil make you enlighten yourself in English. Who says speaking English is difficult? Do it with me like ...

  • Business Communication Specialist from the US

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-us Sana ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative

    Hello, My name is Sana and I am from the United States. I have been in Corporate Communications for the past 15 years. My expertise is in Business/Cor...

  • English, Russian or Turkish language teacher

    7ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-az Leyla ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě Leh├žeA2 ┬Ě Rus├žaB2 ┬Ě T├╝rk├žeC1

    Hello! My name is Leyla and I am from Azerbaijan. I give lessons in Turkish, English and Russian languages for conversation purposes. I love meeting n...

  • Experience educator with 8 years of experience!

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-in somya ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2

    Hola! My name is Somya, I am from India. I am passionate about teaching language and I use storytelling and videos to make the lesson interesting for ...

  • English Teacher with 10 years experience

    60ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-lu Derrick ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceA1

    Hello. I'm Derrick from Luxembourg. I love helping students learn English to communicate well and study courses taught in English. I can guarantee pro...

  • Private English Tutor and Supervisor for school and home lessons

    25$ per hour

    • flag-ng shekeoguza ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative

    Are you struggling to master the intricacies of the English language? Do grammar rules, vocabulary, or writing assignments leave you feeling overwhelm...

  • English Tutor, Text/Presentations Reviewer

    12ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-pt Patr├şcia ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceB2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaA1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaA1 ┬Ě GermanA1 ┬Ě PortekizceNative

    Is this your first time in Lisbon? Do you need help getting your English up to speed? Do you want to improve your university grades (written works and...

  • Dottoressa in Lingue, impartisce lezioni di lingua inglese

    18ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-it Lorentina ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC1 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaNative

    Ciao! Hello! P├źrsh├źndetje! Il mio nome ├Ę Lorentina, Tina per gli amici, e vengo dall'Italia. Sono amante delle lingue e mi piace trasmettere la mia pa...

  • Professeur d'anglais native - TOEFL 108 IELTS 7,5

    13ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-fr In├Ęs ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative

    Bonjour, je suis ├ętudiante en master ├á l'Escp et serait ravie de vous donner des cours d'anglais! N├ę en Angleterre, j'ai un niveau de langue maternell...

  • Cours d'anglais par webcam, en distanciel.

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-fr SABRINA ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaNative ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaC2

    Professeure-Formatrice-Traductrice professionnelle et exp├ęriment├ęe, 43 ans, donne cours (20ÔéČ/H) d'Anglais, tous niveaux. Par webcam, en distanciel, pa...

  • Private tutoring lessons, language certificate C2 in English and 7 years of experience

    30ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-sk Terezia ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaB1 ┬Ě GermanB1 ┬Ě Rus├žaA2 ┬Ě Slovak├žaNative

    Hi, My name is Ter├ęzia and I come from Slovakia. I teach primarily English (I have C2 language certificate and 7 years of experience) but also Spanis...

  • Native English Speaker - Qualified CELT / BA English / 2+ Years Experience Teaching

    15ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-ie Heather ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative

    Hey! I'm Heather, I'm from Ireland and I've been teaching English to adults and children for the past couple years! I like getting to know my students...

  • Native english speaker looking to help you improve your spoken english :)

    10ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-gb praise ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC1

    My name is Praise. I am a native english speaker. I am able to offer english lessons if you are looking for someone to talk to to practise your englis...

  • Tennis Lessons. I love mixing tennis and fitness together to give you an optimal training session that is holistic. I also speak

    60ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-ng Crystal ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB2 ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaA2

    Hello. I am Crystal and I am a tennis player here in Rome. I have played in many countries starting from Nigeria which is where I am from. I also play...

  • English language or Czech language lessons in Prague

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-cz J ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ├çek├žeNative

    Hello there! If you're looking to enhance your language skills and dive into the world of English or Czech, you've come to the right place. Whether yo...

  • Native English Speaker offering tutor lessons

    20ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-us Marisa ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB1

    Hello! My name is Marisa and I am a student from USA. I am studying abroad in Lyon, France, for the 2023-2024 school year. I am open to teaching in En...

  • Certified Coding and subject instructor with 5+ years experience in high school teaching

    40Dhs per hour

    • flag-ae Priti ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceNative

    Hello, My name is Preeti and im from Dubai, UAE. I like teaching and ive taught over 2000+ students till now, i have worked as an online and offline t...

  • University Certified English Teacher with 12 years of Experience - Lived in the UK

    55ÔéČ per hour

    • flag-de Ma├»ra ┬Ě Teaches: ─░ngilizce
      Speaks: ─░ngilizceC2 ┬Ě I╠çspanyolcaC2 ┬Ě Frans─▒zcaB2 ┬Ě GermanNative ┬Ě I╠çtalyancaB1 ┬Ě PortekizceA2 ┬Ě KatalancaB1

    Concentrating on your goals is my aim! I am giving English lessons. In 2022, I received my teaching degree of education: English and Fine Arts. (Humb...

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