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    Mount desert island

    The Mount desert island is situated in Main, which is quite close to Canada and it presents the most beautiful beaches in the world where sea and clouds collide. Indeed, as the temperature goes lower, there are more and more clouds covering the beaches. The stunning...

    por Naomi em O que ver Bar Harbor, há 4 anos
  • Lugar


    If you think you can walk around Manhattan to visit, you're pretty much wrong. I mean you could definitely, but it would take you hours. It took me like 20 minutes to walk from one subway station to another and there are like 50-100 different stations in Manhattan only....

    por Naomi em O que ver New York, há 4 anos
  • Lugar


    I met a new friend named Richard during my trip in New York. He is a hobby photographer just like me so we ended up shooting together and doing collabs with a girl named Kris. After we shoot with Kris in the Central Park, he wanted to take me on the other side of George...

    por Naomi em O que ver New York, há 4 anos
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    21 years old, searching for acommodation in Newcastle, close to Northumbria

    IBM student in Northumbria University in 2017/2018. I don't smoke, my hobbies are photography, walking, music, watching netflix, editing pictures, traveling and drinking a lot of tea (not relevant lol) I'm searching for flatsharing, with a group of open minded girls...

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