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Madalena Mendes

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Madalena Mendes

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  • Blogue

    Weekend in London

    This is the third time i have visited london and i still want to come back. It is such a fresh and exiting city you can never have too much of it. Since i have been in london before and was only there for one weekend, I didn't necessarily do all the touristic things....

    0 por Madalena em Blogues Erasmus Londres, há 2 anos
  • Blogue


    I like berlin, it is a very big city with lots to do and see. I have been so lucky to visit twice, in winter (january) and spring (march), both short trips. Berlin's history shows everywhere, wall remains, memorials and museums. My berlin travel in pictures berlin...

    0 por Madalena em Blogues Erasmus Berlim, há 2 anos
  • Blogue

    Belgium: 4 days, 5 cities

    Maps Download your USE-IT map or ask for one in an info point - they are awesome and have really helpful information from locals. Transportation & TicketsIf you are flying to the Charleroi airport I suggest you catch the shuttle bus A (6€) to Charleroi-Sud train...

    0 por Madalena em Blogues Erasmus Bélgica, há 2 anos
  • Lugar

    Brio -Organic Supermarket

    If you are interested in getting some organic/health store products in Portugal, Brio is great and you can also ckeck out Celeiro and Miosótis :) Celeiro stores: Miosótis is close to El Corte Inglês in São Sebastião metro.

    por Madalena em Onde comer Lisboa, há 2 anos
  • Novas fotos em Copenhaga

    galería atualizada, há 2 anos
  • Blogue

    Nordic beach

    Made it to Bellevue beach! I crossed the whole deer park on bike and it was awesome. You can even see Sweden on the other side! I didn't actually go into the water because it was so windy and cold (for someone who is from sunny Portugal) but there were quite a few...

    0 por Madalena em Blogues Erasmus Lyngby, há 2 anos
  • Blogue

    Jægersborg dyrehave - The Deer Park

    I am a nature lover so I could not miss this beautiful park! It is becoming one of my favorite places in Denmark so far. I was lucky enough to experience a warm september with sunny days, which made me really happy. There are open spaces, ponds and woods, you can find...

    0 por Madalena em Blogues Erasmus Lyngby, há 2 anos

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