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Eg Huu

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  • Forum

    Internship in Slovenia, Ljubljana

    Hello. As I will be doing an internship from July until September (2015) in Ljubljana, I would be interested perhaps there is/will be someone also doing something similar at this time (or doesn't even have to be anything similar :D). At lot of people are leaving or will...

    da Eg in Forum Erasmus Lubiana, 5 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Surrounded by mountains

    Pretty small city (especially for a capital) with not so much entertainment, including that stores close at 8 p. m. at the latest. Interestingly, young people find the way to party hard and still be successful in studies (can get jealous easily). Most of them also know...

    0 da Eg in Esperienze Erasmus Lubiana, 5 anni fa
  • Esperienza

    Life in a small city (village)

    About Fere-en-Tardenois (too small even to be listed). Can be quite interesting to try get along with mostly arrogant French people, but in villages can be found also many good exceptions. However, any public transport is expensive (even less than 100 km will cost...

    0 da Eg in Esperienze Erasmus Reims, 5 anni fa

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