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  • Lugar

    Bookstore where J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter!

    Yes, I visited book store where J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter! That's why I have some tips for all of you about this place. Before entering you have to go buy a ticket (5 euros). Keep your ticket, because if you buy some book there you will have -5 euro...

    por Paulina en Qué ver Oporto, hace 3 años
  • Lugar


    HI! Today I would like to recomendate one place. "Calem"- winery with the best wine I ever try! Cost of entrence is around 15 euro and price is include of tour guide which will tell you everything about process of making wine, and of course  the best part - wine...

    por Paulina en Café, coctel, cerveza Oporto, hace 3 años
  • Lugar


    Huge water attractions, a lot of people and sun. Those things you can find in water park "Lido" I recommended in 100% !

    por Paulina en Qué hacer Heraklion, hace 3 años
  • Lugar

    Zia Village

    Zia Village is the place where you can try the most delicious food, for sure try chicken in lemon juice (on the picture) and unfortunately I can't find more pictures from there but trust me, all think with I eat are delicious - and this view!!

    por Paulina en Dónde comer Cos, hace 3 años
  • Lugar


    If you will be on Kos -  you should try the best coffee in Kardamena!  

    por Paulina en Café, coctel, cerveza Cos, hace 3 años
  • Blog

    My place - my Greece (Practice on Rhodos)

    First notification should be about my "second home" But let's start from the beginning. My first Erasmus (practic) was in Greece - Rhodos. - It was the faster and one of the best decision in my life. In few days I left my job, organized everything in Poland - also on...

    0 por Paulina en Blogs Erasmus Rodas, hace 3 años

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