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  • Experiencia

    Experience in Madrid, Spain by CheapIn

    What is it like to live in Madrid? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? Madrid is an exciting city for young and old,and it is fast becoming really multicultured and multinational.Many refer to it as a city with a pueblo or village soul:There is infrastructure...

    0 por CheapIn en Experiencias Erasmus Madrid, hace 5 años
  • Lugar


    Hay muchos lugares alrededor de Madrid que se puede visitar en Cercanias.Son destinos de mucho interes cultural y para estudiantes en universidades.Este articulo resume cada destino en terminos de atractiones culturales y el precio y la duración del viaje en...

    por CheapIn en Qué ver Madrid, hace 6 años
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    Cheap and Delicious Croquetas in Madrid

    Croquetas are an essential part of the Spanish gastronomy and as such, are worthy of first time tasters and repeaters. Source Most bars and restaurants, in Spain do offer croquetas, however, speaking for Madrid, only city insiders will tell you where to go for the...

    por CheapIn en Dónde comer Madrid, hace 6 años
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    Museums with Free Admission in Madrid

    Madrid has a lot to offer culturally, among, other things. In fact for its rich cultural and historical references it is one of the top 10 countries to visit, and even live in, in Europe. The city counts as its heritage, museums like the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and...

    por CheapIn en Qué ver Madrid, hace 6 años
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    Mercado San Miguel & Mercado San Antón

    As I'm writing this, there are now 3 food markets in Madrid. However, the last market to be opened is not so popular and centrally located, as the San Miguel and San Antón markets. Source Source These two markets are ideal to snack, or have dinner before going out in...

    por CheapIn en Dónde comer Madrid, hace 6 años

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