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Vivian Sandler

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Vivian Sandler

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  • Blog

    Roadtrip Along the Vicentine Coast

    In my friend group, it is common for us, in the summer, to do a roadtrip along the Vicentine Coast. It is a plan that never gets old because It isn't expensive There are always different places to explore We never get tired of the beauty of the coast! I have already...

    0 by Vivian in Erasmus blog Portugal, one month ago
  • Blog

    10 Disadvantages of doing Erasmus in a Group!

    Following the previous post, in which I speak about the advantages of doing Erasmus in a group, I am doing the exact opposite here, in which I speak about the disadvantages, or at least, the original constraints that come from thinking about everyone else's balance and...

    0 by Vivian in Erasmus tips, 4 months ago
  • Blog


    If you're going on Erasmus to Spain, there is one supermarket that you cannot miss out on going to: Mercadona. Being honest, I don't know if it exists in other places in the world... I know that they are opening some stores in Portugal as well, which is great! Mercadona...

    0 by Vivian in Erasmus tips, 6 months ago
  • Place

    River Beach of Mourão

    The beach If the Portuguese coast finds itself filled with beaches, don't think that the interior doesn't as well! There are many, what we call "praias fluviais, " that is, river beaches. Today's is the River Beach of Mourão, in the town of Mourão, Évora...

    by Vivian in What to do Evora, 6 months ago

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