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    Planning a perfect weekend in Barcelona

    A perfect weekend in Barcelona I used to live in Barcelona for a few months thanks to the Erasmus exchange program. I was fortunate enough to score a paid internship in addition to an Erasmus scolarship (which is very rare) in a local English school, where I was able to...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus tips, 1 day ago
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    Main Event indoor entertainment center

    What's the deal with indoor entertainment centers? Does bowling, eating pizza and playing arcade games sound like a great way to spend a few hours to you? If yes, then you should head to this amazing indoor entertainment center, called Main Event. Situated in a small...

    by Katja in What to do Cincinnati, 3 days ago
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    National museum of the U.S. Air Force

    A trip to the United States Air Force museum United states of America are very proud of their military and air force, and, as a result, you can see some pretty impressive air force museums and exhibits all across the country. The most famous of such exhibits is probably...

    by Katja in What to see Dayton, 3 days ago
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    Barnes and Noble bookstore

    The Barnes and Noble bookstore I am a big bookworm, and I frequently visit different bookstores to get an idea of what new books are currently popular, so I can look for them at my local library. And one of my favourite bookstores here in the United states of America,...

    by Katja in What to do Dayton, 4 days ago
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    Kenwood mall

    Why go to Kenwood mall? I have lived in the United states of America for almost two years now, and one of the things that I noticed here is that everybody here loves shopping. And no wonder why, the shopping malls in the United states of America are just so beautiful! I...

    by Katja in What to do Cincinnati, 5 days ago
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    Gretchen gardens

    If you live close to Dayton, Ohio and you need a place to relax, where you are surrounded with lush vegetation, but you do not want to venture far away from the comfort of your home, I have a perfect place for you. The place is called Gretchen gardens, and it is...

    by Katja in What to see Dayton, 5 days ago
  • Blog

    Insurance while travelling - yes or no?

    The importance of having insurance while travelling abroad There are no words that can describe how important it is to have some form of insurance while travelling abroad. I know several travellers who decide not to pay for an insurance. Some of them are fine, some of...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus tips, 6 days ago
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    Dayton metro library - Miami township branch

    A short introduction If you have been following some of my past posts, you probably noticed that I love libraries and books. When I still lived in Europe, I was very frustrated about the fact that it took forever for newly released books to be translated into my...

    by Katja in What to see Dayton, 6 days ago
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    Zona colonial

    A walk through Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial One of the reasons why I decided to travel to Dominican republic a few years ago, were the amazing, picture - perfect tropical beaches, so I did not plan to spend much time in the capital, Santo Domingo. But since I was...

    by Katja in What to see Santo Domingo, 7 days ago
  • Blog

    Fizolova minestra

    Fizolova minestra - bean soup Two most popular traditional food types in my country are desserts and soups. And in this blog post, I would like to introduce you to what is considered one of the traditional dishes in my country. The dish is called fizolova minestra, and...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus recipes, 8 days ago
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    Universal Studios Orlando riverwalk

    Walking along the Universal Studios Orlando Riverwalk When I walked the Universal Studios Orlando Riverwalk, I thought that it seems familiar, and I was wondering how is that possible, since I have never been to Orlando before. And then I realized that the Riverwalk...

    by Katja in What to do Orlando, 8 days ago
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    Disney springs

    Disney Springs Known as Downtown Disney in the (not so distant) past, Disney Springs are another great place to visit in Orlando, besides all the awesome amusement parks. This area of Florida is really nothing special - the landscape is swampy, with a few palm trees,...

    by Katja in What to see Orlando, 8 days ago
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    Rock and roll hall of fame

    A visit to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland I am sure that every fan of rock and roll music has heard of the famous museum, dedicated solely to rock and roll and its history and development, called the Rock and roll hall of fame. Situated in a pretty...

    by Katja in What to see Cleveland, 9 days ago
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    TILTing at the top of the John Hancock tower in Chicago Excuse me, what is that supposed to mean? TILT as in lean forward? Exactly, and this attraction allows you to be tilted from the top of the John Hancock tower in Chicago! Do I have your attention now? Great, keep...

    by Katja in What to do Chicago, 11 days ago
  • Place

    Rockefeller center

    Seeing New York from the top of the Rockefeller center Rockefeller center is one of the New York city’s most famous buildings. And some people say that if you have not seen the New York city from the Top of the Rock (a.k.a. one of the Rockefeller center’s...

    by Katja in What to see New York, 12 days ago
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    Central park

    A stroll through Central park When you are living in a concrete jungle, it is nice to have a lush green space where you can escape and pretend the city around you does not exist anymore. And this is just what the famous Central park in New York is - an oasis for the New...

    by Katja in What to see New York, 13 days ago
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    Cincinnati premium outlets

    Cincinnati premium outlets While I am not the biggest fan of endless shopping, I still love occassional walks through shopping malls. If nothing else I like to window shop, and occassionally, I will treat myself to a new outfit for my upcoming travels. And at this...

    by Katja in What to do Cincinnati, 14 days ago
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    Yellow springs

    A rainy day in Yellow Springs Yellow Springs is a cute little hippie town near Dayton, Ohio. It is especially famous for its street fair, local artisans, great hiking trails, and it is also known as the home of the comedian Dave Chapelle. Yes, he apparently actually...

    by Katja in What to see Dayton, 17 days ago
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    Mudlick tap house

    Sunday brunch in Mudlick tap house When I moved to the United states of America, I discovered the joy of sleeping in late on weekends, and eating brunch instead of eating breakfast and lunch separately. Because this is just what the brunch is – a mix of breakfast and...

    by Katja in Where to eat Dayton, 18 days ago
  • Blog

    Finding the best deep dish pizza in Chicago

    Finding the best deep dish pizza in Chicago Before visiting the Windy city for the first time, I had no idea that Chicago is somehow a paradise for food lovers. And one of the most famous dishes that you can try there, is the deep dish pizza. But what exactly makes the...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus news, 19 days ago
  • Blog

    How to find a cheap flight?

    The best ways for booking a cheap flight I was quite bored yesterday during the day, and when I am bored, I either eat too many snacks, take a nap, or browse the internet for future travel ideas or cheap plane tickets. And guess which one of these things I did...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus tips, 19 days ago
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    The Garden of the Gods

    Garden of the Gods I have always been fascinated with bright orange rock formations of the American west, and one of the places with these said formations, is situated in an quite unexpected state - Colorado. Apparently, Garden of the Gods is the most visited place in...

    by Katja in What to see Colorado Springs, 19 days ago
  • Blog


    Every country has a dish (or dishes), specific to that region. And one of my favourite dishes from home that I dearly miss here in the United states of America, is a dish, called ‘jota’. At this point, you might be wondering why don’t I just make it by myself if I...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus recipes, 23 days ago
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    Gem City Catfe

    Gem City Catfe Dayton Cat cafes are getting more and more popular all around the world. But what is a cat cafe? A cat cafe is basically just a regular coffee shop with some interesting tenants - cats! But what is the point? The answer is simple. You basically pay an...

    by Katja in What to do Dayton, 27 days ago
  • Blog

    French toast

    How to make the best French toast, according to my American friend? Before moving to the United States of America almost two years ago (I cannot believe how fast time flies!), I have only had French toast once, at some fancy breakfast place, and I thought it tasted...

    0 by Katja in Erasmus recipes, one month ago

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