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Isidora Isailovic

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Isidora Isailovic

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Novi Sad
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Novi Sad
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    Helol guys, How was my Sunday? Fortunately for me, I am very interested in architecture and exploring new places, and my Erasmus society was interested in going to the old capital of Spain, about seventy kilometers from Madrid - the city called Toledo.  As I was...

    by Isidora in What to do Toledo, 2 days ago
  • Blog

    Great atmosphere in apartment, lovely roomies ;)

    Hello guys, It's been gone for about ten days since I packed my stuffs and I started the my ERASMUS route that brought me to the completely unknown but right now my favorite European city - city of Madrid.  Many sites, a lot of searching and contacts that I made by...

    0 by Isidora in General, 9 days ago
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    Language club

    Hello guys, After twelve hours that I spent at University on Thursday, I got a suggestion from other Erasmus colleagues from the University, to visit an event known as Language Club, called Meet and Speak. Completely tired of long day and infinite lectures of that day,...

    by Isidora in What to do Madrid, 10 days ago
  • Place

    Retiro Park

    Hello guys, Walking through the city, which contains a thousand faces and many sites, leads us to the Retiro Park whose appearance comes as oasis in center of city. As a person who has visited Central Park in New York, Hyde Park in London, one of the greatest parks in...

    by Isidora in What to do Madrid, 12 days ago
  • Place

    Museums in Madrid

    Hello guys! What happened on my very seventh and one of all together 180 days of my stay in Madrid? I've met some other students of Erasmus program at university and decided to spend my free before noon enjoying myself, exploring city and before everything going to the...

    by Isidora in What to see Madrid, 13 days ago
  • Experience

    Buying flowers on local streets

    Hello guys, Couple days ago, my friend and I needed a place to buy some flowers for an occasion. It was on Sunday so we were not sure if there is a flower store that works and google was not useful at that point. Near our accommodation there is the supermarket that...

    0 by Isidora in Erasmus experiences Madrid, 14 days ago
  • Experience

    Discovering local meals!

    Hello guys, I’m gonna write about my favorites topic ever, food. Even though I’m Serbian, I have cousin in Madrid so I went to visit him, together with my friend. We met his wife, who was born and grown up in Madrid, so she gave us a great lecture about local food,...

    0 by Isidora in Erasmus experiences Madrid, 14 days ago
  • Place

    Las Cuevas de Sesamo

    Hello guys, How that even happened? Well, my friend and I were exploding the city on Sunday when we got message from some Serbian guys, inviting us for a drink! Why not?? They texted us address and next moment we were at our ways to the cafe. Madrid is popular by crazy...

    by Isidora in Cafe, cocktail, beer Madrid, 14 days ago
  • Place

    Waiting room

    Hello guys, I guess you were expected maybe more historical place to be decriebed than one waiting room, but this is a must, especially if you want to buy your monthly travel card. When I came here, I was told that I have to make an appolitment online or order my card...

    by Isidora in What to do Madrid, 14 days ago
  • Experience

    How to prepare yourself for Erasmus?

    Hello guys! Today I'm gonna write a little bit about Madrid and much more about preparing yourself for this journy. First of all, the title is How to prepare... but the truth is I don't know.. well, at least not exactly. Let's suppose that you successfully applied for...

    0 by Isidora in Erasmus experiences Madrid, 14 days ago

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