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Gillian David

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  • Blog

    Ibiza, a summer paradise.

    Ibiza is known for being the favorite party island of the european youth during the summer. Here in this blog I'm not gonna talk about Ibiza's vida loca but its wonderful sights that make it one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. But first things first:...

    0 by Gillian in Erasmus blog Ibiza, one year ago
  • Blog

    An eternal love for an eternal city

    I've been to Rome eight times and I always want to go back. I feel like if I don't go to Rome at least once a year, that year is incomplete. It is true: we always leave pieces of our hearts wherever we go, and we always go back to the places that took us the biggest...

    0 by Gillian in Erasmus blog Rome, one year ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Paris, France by Gillian

    Why did you choose to go to Paris, France? I'm in love with its history and art. It is world-famous, and there's a mix of culture that allows people to become even more open minded about diversity. How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you...

    0 by Gillian in Erasmus experiences Paris, one year ago
  • Blog

    4 things you must eat in Amsterdam

    "I'll go back to Amsterdam for the food" - now I can relate to this sentence.  Here in this blog I'm gonna show you some must-try food in Amsterdam and where to find them.  Stroopwafel  Stroopwafel is one of the most famous dutch dessert. The texture is great and it...

    0 by Gillian in Erasmus blog Amsterdam, one year ago
  • Blog

    Amsterdam and "The Fault in our Stars"

    For my birthday this year, I decided to take a trip to Amsterdam. It's been my european dream destination for quite a long time now and since I'm here in Paris for my Erasmus+ program, I thought it was quite time. The journey I took the Thalys train From Paris (Gare du...

    0 by Gillian in Erasmus blog Amsterdam, one year ago
  • Place

    Musée D'Orsay

    When I was being interviewed for the Erasmus + program, the first question I was asked was: "Why do you wanna go to Paris? ". At that exact moment, a non-ending list of things popped into my head, leaving me nowhere to begin. "Because Paris is world-famous", "Because...

    by Gillian in What to see Paris, one year ago

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