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Fran Wicks

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  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Liege, Belgium by Emeline

    Why did you choose to go to Liege, Belgium? Because I had heard a lot about it , and then I got the chance to go there to carry out my placement in the city. How long did your trip last? How much financial support did you receive? My trip lasted 1 month. I had a grant...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus experiences Liege, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    Experience of HEC Montréal, Canada by Camille

    What is HEC Montréal like in general? It's a very international school, the students here are remarkably looked after when they come on exchange. A lot of activities are organised by the student societies. The courses are qualitative and are provided for the most part...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus experiences HEC , 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Moroccan Baking

    Moroccan pastry is rich in cakes which vary according to their native regions, and this mix makes Moroccan baking one of the most diverse in the world. Around this subject I'm going to tell you about some of the cakes I know of, and some that I urge you to try when you...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus blog Morocco, 2 months ago
  • Blog

    Porto, Portugal

    Porto is a wonderful city located in the North of Portugal, and it is the 2nd largest city after Lisbonne. It makes sense that it was chosen the best European destination in 2017, because this city contains a lot of historic monuments that you should visit, as well as...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus blog Porto, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    The Paris Experience, France by Lucie

    What is it like to live in Paris? Do you recommend it? How is the city? Paris is an extraordinary city. There are loads of things to do, Paris never sleeps. What is the student life like in Paris? It's great! Source What is the cost of living in Paris? The cost of...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus experiences Paris, one year ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Paris, France by Gulsen

    Were you met with difficulties when looking for accommodation in Paris? No. What is the cost of living in Paris? I pay 225 for accommodation, totally 650 is enough for one month. How was the language learning? Did you take any language classes organised by the...

    0 by Fran in Erasmus experiences Paris, one year ago
  • Roommate

    20 year old girl looking for flatmates in Paris! (September 2016)

    Hello! My name's Fran, i'm a 20 year old student from the UK and will be moving to Paris in September to study for the year! I'm looking for a colocation/flatmates to live with, i'm posting on here because I would really like to live with other students/young people...

    in Roommates Paris, 3 years ago

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