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Erasmus Vilnius 2021 / 2022 (English)

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Welcome to the forum for Erasmus Vilnius 2021 / 2022!

This is the place where Erasmus students, or any exchange students, that are headed for Vilnius in 2021 / 2022 can introduce themselves and get to know one another before they arrive. Introduce yourself to the forum and ask any questions you may have about the city, the University, where to stay, where to eat, the prices and cost of living in Vilnius, places for Erasmus parties or any other question you may habe. Here you can also find:

Warning! If you want to advertise an accommodation or your are looking for one... the forum is not the place for doing that. In order to advertise your accommodation in Vilnius or in order to find roommates don’t use this forum, go to the accommodation section of Vilnius.

Livin' la vida Erasmus!


Im Jacobo, im studying business and economics at the university of Valencia.

Next year I will be an erasmus student at Vilna's university, so It Will be nice to know people that is going to be on Vilna.

Hi, I'm Fiebe and I will be going to Vilnius in August 2021 untill January 2022. When are you going? :)

Hi! My name is Juanjo. I'm studying Political Sciences and Sociology at Valencia University (Spain). I will be in Vilnius from August till January although I will try to get an internship in the spanish embassy to stay longer :)  I would like to meet international students who are also going to Vilnius! 

Hi! My name is Marta, I´m from Pamplona (Spain) I will be in the MRUNI from September to January studying law. I would love to meet other international students so we can meet there even if you aren´t going to the same university as I am. 

Oh it's really nice that you are going too from September till January (or even longer). I would also like to meet you and other (international) students! 

Are you guys also looking at rooms/apartements on other websites? And if so, which websites? :)

HI! I´m diogo and i am from Portugal. 

I am not choose yet, but is probable that i will study ay Mikolas Romeris University law.

And i would like to knew some experiences of other students to choose the period and the semester that i wiil choose to go.

It´s good to met you guys!!

hii guys! i’m cristina and i’m 22. i live in spain, in madrid, and i study law. 
the first semester of the year 2021/22 i’ll study in vilna (europos humanitaritis universitetas) and i’d love to meet international students who will be there at the same time as me. also, i’d like to know if any of you is looking for a flat or a residence, because maybe we could look for something together. 
see u soon xx


I´m Carmen and I´m from Córdoba (Spain).

Next year I will be an erasmus student at MRUNI. I would like to meet international students.

Hi all!

My name is Dani and I'm from Madrid. Next year I will be studying at VGTU and I would like to know some people. 

See u soon!

Hey everyone!

My name is Florian (short: Flo), I'm from Germany (Bochum), where I'm currently studying social sciences. The upcoming autumn semester 2021/22 I'll be studying at Vilnius University, probably with a focus on political science.

See y'all soon! :)

Hi I'm Mark. 

Chances are that I will be an Erasmus student at Vilnius. I'm looking forward to interact with those who'll be there during the autumn semester . 

Stay safe, see y'all

Hi guys! I am Margarita, Ukrainian, but living and studying in Italy. I'll be studying at Vilnius University (Communication faculty) starting from September as an Erasmus student. Hope to meet some new people there! See you:)

Hii guys!! 

I'm Mario, i'll be studying at Vilnius the next course, I'm from Spain, Zaragoza and my career is psychology. I would like to meet new people in order to arrive to the city in September and have some contacts. Hope to meet you!!

Hi guys!

I'm Amarine, I come from Paris and will be next year at the University of Vilnius for a full year. Ready to meet new people to party and enjoy! I'm looking for an apartment to share so don't hesitate to contact me if you are in the same case!

Hi guys!!

I'm Andrea, I'm from Madrid and I study Economics and International Business. I will be the first semester studying in Vilna, so it will be a pleasure to meet new people!!

Contact me if you are in the same case!!

Hi guys! 
I'm Eleonora Gaia and I'm from Milan, Italy where I study Economics and Management. I'm 21 years old. I'll probably attend (still waiting for the university response to my application) Vilnius University, Faculty of Business. I'm looking for someone with who I can share a shared flat in Sauletekio close to the Faculty of Economics and Business school. 
Contact me if u are interested! 

Hey guys!

I am Filippo and I come from Rome where I study development and international cooperation. I'm 24 years old. I will arrive in Vilnius in the first semester to write a part of my thesis project and take some exams at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science.

I am looking for other students to share an apartment close to the facoulty. If you are interesetd contact me.

I am also looking for other people to share this wonderful experience with. I am a sunny guy, passionate about sports and photography.
If you are like that too, and you think we could get along, contact me!

Hi nice to meet you!

I'm Alexandra, a 19 years old French student. I will be studying in Vilnius from the end of August until the middle/end of January. I would like to know other students before coming there and also for a roommate. 

If you are looking for someone with who you can discover the city and with who you can go hiking send me a message, I will be glad to talk with you!

Have a good day!

PS: estoy aprendiendo castellano, ¡Podemos charlar en francés/inglés/español si quieres! ¡Un saludo!

Hi everyone!

I am Olga and I am 20 years old. I study publishing business and media editing (journalism) in Kiev, Ukraine.

Luckly, I am going to spend my first semester at the European Humanities University in Vilnius to study Media and Communication. I'll be here from mid-September to February.

I'm looking for someone to hang out with in Vilnius in the first semester. I am also looking for flatmates to rent an apartment together near the center.

I will be glad to meet you and see you soon!

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