20 y.o. girl looking for a room in Vigo, travelling via Erasmus

  • Move in date: 20 January 2025
  • Minumum stay: 4 months

I´m quite introverted - i love to read, swim, play Stardew Valley, listen to music and rot in my bed:) BUT i also love my friends, going to cafes, parks with them. I would like roomates that are similiar to me in the sense that they won´t make much noise during the night and also if they had similar interests as me:D

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About me / us Things that my roommate should have
Gender 1 girl Not specified
Age 20 18 - 99
Occupation Not specified Not specified
Smoker Not specified Not specified
Partying Not specified Not specified
Pet Not specified Not specified

one month ago

Tags: Flatmates Vigo, Vigo, Spain

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