Territory sales manager - International

  • Company name or name of the person in charge: Wild Voyager
  • Job vacancy: Territory sales manager - International
  • Number of vacancies: 1

Role : Territory sales manager - International

Key responsibilities
1. Identify top outbound travel agents in your city/province. We can also provide that list with help of google. But figuring out locally will help.
2. Meet the travel agents one by one. You can pick up a region every day, and meet 15-20 travel agents in that area.
3. You should talk to them about what we are, and how we can collaborate as service providers for nature and wildlife tours to India.
4. Finally get a MOU done with us, and we will send a detailed welcome package to the travel agent along with our price list/itineraries in India.
5. Follow up with the travel agents at regular intervals (7 days/14 days) for business and send them our updates/mailers. Basically own the relationship end to end.
6. We will send you business card and our marketing materials in print.
7. Also, you can do roadshows/corporate/college events to promote our tours. Any sales arising out of these events/meetings will be credited to you and the leads will be managed by you.

Your background
1. You could be a college student, or housewife or anyone looking for part time/full time employment
2. This is a sales job, any prior experience will help. Even if you do not have that, we will train you. Good communication skills are important.

What you get
1. You basically act as our relationship manager for your city/province. For all the sales generated through your agents, you will get 5% of the sales amount. For eg., if you get us MOU with 50 agents and they give us 1000 customer bookings in a year, and average ticket size is 1500 USD, then our total annual sales through you is 1.5 Million USD, then your earnings will be 75,000 USD in the year. You will be paid monthly on basis of monthly sales generated.
2. Salary – For the first six months you will be on probation, there will be no monthly salary and only the commission as mentioned above. If your performance is good, and we see a certain monthly business coming from you, then we can fix up a monthly salary and adjust the commission accordingly. If you look at it as a short term internship, the commission amount as mentioned in point 1, will remain the same.
3. Travel costs – For the first six months, you will have to bear your own travel costs. Only after you reach a certain level of sales, we will freeze on the salary and travel allowances.
4. If you are good at sales, and see this as a long term option, there is a good potential for you to grow and earn handsome perks.
5. Excellent opportunity to build the business in your city/province and mature as a sales professional and handle a P&L responsibility. As you grow in your job, you will be assigned to manage multiple regions going upto Country sales head.

About us
We are an experiential nature and wildlife tourism company from India organizing carefully curated journeys to remote wilderness destinations of India and the World. We are found by award winning wildlife photographers and we have been to these places numerous times to understand and seamlessly manage the logistics for arranging the trips, so that the customers have a beautiful experience of a lifetime. This role is to promote our inbound tourism to India.


3 years ago

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