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Calm life in the North

Published by Daniel Peixoto — 12 days ago

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Valença is a small city in the North of Portugal, right next to the border with Spain. As a small city you won't have much choice in things like bars or caffes, but it has everything you need for a calm life if it's what you're looking for.

The university is also quite small with only a few undergraduate degrees, but it was recently built so you will have all you need to study. As it's a small university you will see the same faces, so it might be easier to make friends with the locals.

For tourism, I recommend visiting the other cities and villages in the Minho region, such as Viana do Castelo, Caminha, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Monção and Melgaço (region known for it's Alvarinho wine). In the summer, I recommend the beach in Moledo, or camping in the Gerês natural park. You should also travel to nearby cities like Porto, Braga or Guimarães. Going across the border into Spain is also a nice option.

If you're an Erasmus student and don't have to attend classes everyday, my recommendation would be to find a room or stay in the halls in Viana do Castelo and travel by train to Valença on the days you need to attend classes. The journey takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. In Viana do Castelo you will have more choice of things to do, and it will also be easier to travel to other places in Portugal.

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