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  • Pre-erasmus jitters

    So the last blog I posted somehow didn't show up here! Yikes! Hopefully this one has more success. So it's the last two weeks before I head off to Spain. I'm leaving next sunday and yes I can't believe that it's all so soon. It seems a bit surreal to me yet I must...

    0 by Eva, 3 years ago
  • Destination: Vigo Part II

    Flight is booked! So about two days after results came out ( and I passed ) , me and my mother were looking at the possible flights and costs etc. We found a good deal on Ryanair and we booked our tickets! yay! So now it's nine weeks till I leave, I feel like it's my...

    0 by Eva, 3 years ago
  • Destination: Vigo

    So I just found out yesterday that I passed all my exams. Yay! Now I know for definate that I can go to Spain next year. Although we were already assigned our universities, we  didn't know for sure if we could go because that was all dependent on our results. But I...

    0 by Eva, 3 years ago

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