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My experience in UTCN

        I'm a student at this University, at Civil Engineering and I had the chance to go with Erasmus in Portugal.

      The proffesors from this University put emphasis on theoretical and practical part, but probably for students with Eramus is a bit easier but depends of proffesor and subjects, because almost all the proffesors preffer to explain all the things in the classes in the time of the semester and in final of the semester, when you will have exames to know all the informations about that subject.

         The University it's divided in more places from Cluj-Napoca, but some faculties are in center (Constructions, Telecomunications, Computer Science, Electric Engineering) so you might be close of everything(Park, Square, River, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Bus stations) 

         The classes of theoretical part are not obligatory, just the practical classes(maximum 4 absences)

     The services in the buildings are ok(toilets, wi-fi, spaces for smoking) the classrooms looks like a normal room just with some benches and chairs, a blackbourd but also some subjects are in some nice laboratories and they don't have rooms open just for students who want to study.

        The campus residence it's in 2 places( Zorilor and Marasti).

                 *Zorilor: 5 buildings with 6 levels each building for faculties like Computer Science, Constructions, Telecomunications, Electric Engineering, Arhitecture. The distance between Campus Residence and Center is for 2 km(20 minutes walking or you can go with the bus number 35, at every 5 minutes in the bus station). You can find in Campus Residence a court of Basketball and Football, a cantina and also a library(some markets, shops, restaurants and clubs near the campus).


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