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Passing 9 exams in Krakow

I don't wanna write for too long but in the end it was okay experience. I succeeded my goal passing 9 courses in one semester which is the most important, met around 40 people just from Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia and also people from other countries. What I have to say about this university is that dorm is really good. You can have a room for yourself or share a room for just 100 euros. Teacher are usually good at their job but keep in mind that i attended 5 subjects with Slovakian people from Nitra who are doing their Double Degree here. So classes can be little bit challenging and there is always some homework but in the end professors will let you pass if you attended classes and did your homework even if you didn't wrote your test good. Would definitely recommend this university if you wanna go somewhere just to pass subjects but necessarily Krakow because it wasn't anything special for me and nightlife sucks. It is not just me more people agree on this. Problem is that there are so many latini music night clubs that you always end up going Cubano, La bodega, Shakers or whatever because usually everyone is poor so you don't go to places where you have to pay the entrence and also there are so many Spanish people there that it is unbelievable. Keep in mind that bodyguards in Shine are idiots who will always try to find a reason to not let you go inside and it's also 25 zloty entrance and like beer is 15 zlotys which makes it one of the most expensive and exclusive night clubs in Krakow.Strip clubs are usually scam and try to not go there even when drunk because they will try to scam you. Transport was really good until they interrupted with road construction work and it can be messy. I didn't have a problem with food but many people from Turkey do. In the ens in overal it was good experience just Krakow wasn't for me. And everyone who's reading from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia or Montenegro keep in mind if you are really usted to our culture and our style of night life you might struggle here for some time because it is little bit different and there is no our music here. It took me one month to get used to it. 

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