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Erasmus in Pardubice :)

My experience in Pardubice was nice! :) The university i considerer medium quality, but the teachers are very nice, with you! :) I did 12 lessons and I passed everything, so its possible to do erasmus and pass all lessons and have fun in same time, at least, in pardubice! The people of easmus was amazing, parties every weeks, some of them, every day...what i wanna mean, you can study and have fun in same time. I choose Czech Republic, because is in center of Europe and is nice for travel, I was in pardubice 5 months, and i travelled every months, i went to Poland, Hungrary, Germandy and Netherlands. And I travelled inside of Czech Republic. I knowed people in Erasmus, from Turkey, Spain, Bulgary, Greece, Italy, Finland; Latvia, Poland, Hungrary, India, Lithuania and Taiwan and Portugal too! :)
Now, negative points: the Czech people, i think doesn't like turists, in Prague you don't feel that, but in Pardubice I felt that. 

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