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Experience at the University of Genoa, Italy by Alison

Generally, what is University of Genoa like?

The University of Genoa is much like the rest of Italy: a real contrast between efficient and chaotic, helpful and cold. The buildings are beautiful, but the bureaucracy is ugly. What I mean to say by that is that you have to expect to wait a while for forms to be signed or to have to go to offices for forms to be signed at incredibly specific times. And if you don't manage to go at that specific time, maybe because you have a lecture or exam, you'll have to wait until the following week. Nevertheless, some offices are very efficient and will have you processed and all your problems resolved in under ten minutes, it really just depends on luck. I don't actually know how much tuition fees are because I was an Erasmus student, so I only paid tuition to my home university.


What are the facilities like?

The facilities are good, there are many libraries and printers (the printing system is very similar to the one I use at my home university, so it was easy for me to understand how it worked, although it is pretty simple in the first place).

What are the tutors like?

Tutors at the University of Genoa, like in all universities, completely range in ability and personality. I had a history tutor who I absolutely loved as a person, but they weren't always the best at using the microphone, so it was sometimes hard to hear what they were saying. Nevertheless, they were sympathetic towards Erasmus students, and it was easy for me to pass their course. On the other hand, I had another professor who was great at teaching, but was incredibly harsh (e. g. they failed half the class during the exams just because they could). Also, when it comes to emails, some are really efficient and reply as soon as possible, whereas others never reply to you because they want you to come to them in person during their office hours, despite the fact that some of them never say where their office is or when they'll be there...

Are the lessons easy in University of Genoa?

Lessons definitely became easier as my Italian proficiency improved. But, in any case, most of the lessons followed a chapter from a book, so if you'd read the necessary stuff then yes, the lessons were relatively easy to follow.

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

The university itself doesn't organise activities. Nevertheless, the GEG ESN Group (the ESN Group in Genoa) does, as well as CUS. Whilst GEG ESN organises activities relating to culture (e. g. trips to Sienna or to Bologna) and leisure (e. g. barbecues and karaoke), CUS organises sporting activities such as ski trips and team sports. These activities are possibly the best way to make surefire friendships. Nobody on my course was that bothered about talking to the English Erasmus student, but the people at the karaoke nights, on the trips and at the sports nights definitely were. I played volleyball and basketball on a Tuesday night and was a complete beginner, but nobody minded and everybody was happy to give me help and advice to improve, which I eventually did. The people that I met in this way are still my friends today.

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