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Discovering how can I improve myself while doing what I enjoy. Not taking risks at all.

The spider canvas of my experience in Łódź

I decided to go on my life adventure

Not so long before I decided to travel. I made a dreamline and among the little puppies (for me a dream is like a little puppy and whose health I am responsible for) , suddenly I realized that with so much work to do for small things, I simply have forgotten about one thing: the most important. Reach my amazing goals. In spite of being a little afraid of this, I tried not to worry at all. Besides, what was going to happen after all?

In fact, it was a risk which I was going to take. No matter the sayings of others, no matter the different culture, no matter the money above all, I am strong enough to do the challenge. After all, I have a tongue and fingers, being highly capable to enter on, write my texts and tap for translation. Not so difficult, just think about it!

When the time to leave for town was 2-days away, I put on paper my 2 fabulous options: First: change your mind right now and live peacefully home with no worries at all. Second: change the perception of thinking and be more willing to accept the adventure.

However, overthinking was meaningless, because I made a mistake.Is it risky when you decide to fallow your dream?Come on board, lady and be as courageous as Jack Sparrow is. The days after “option day” have been chilling and relaxing. I packed all my clothes for winter, because winter season was still in PolandJ and my electronics of course for my series:how could I not watch Outlander, boss, especially from a room in Lodz?

Here I am now. Łódź, the land of graffiti and helpful people. For me, this city was not just a temporary place of Erasmus, was a home. It have being quite relaxing to live here. Polish people always there for giving a hand and taking you from the motorway while trying to get to a far-from the city railway station, even if, a downtown railway station was 10 minutes away from your flat. Such a crazy day that day, must admit!

Unforgettable though. While leaving the wonderful city much far away with every step I was taking, I started making B-plans. You know how good I am at doing strategies. I am just joking. I am nuts. The worst scenario was sleeping on the sidewalk hidden behind a circle of trees. Human mind hangs on unbelievably.

Looking for a place to sleep and if I am being sincere now, between us please, comfortable was not the word, guys. I mean it was snowing and the wind was so nervous. I wouldn’t have been done a swim suits shooting, not even for a cute notebook and I love notebooks. You want to go in town? A kind voice just asked me. Am I dreaming right now? Whether I was, I gave no importance, because I woke up near Plac Wolności, next one my flat address. I stepped down and thanked the lady. Later on, after slowing my heartbeats I smiled. I made it. I escaped the mess and I am much prouder then before.

My dream is achievable after all and nothing is impossible. What I have learned from that day, it really helped me. From that moment, I never stopped to challenge myself, to grow and improve my principles. I am not afraid of doing risky things, because I see only the fullness of the glass. I improve myself. I am becoming a better and happy teenage.

My advantages

  • Trust yourself always. You are being strong when accurately fallowing your dreamlines as Tim Ferries says in his book-“The 4-hour work week”.I did it and I now realize I am changed.
  • Spending time with my talkative Chinese flat mate in the kitchen and debating problems as global warming, improved my English level and knowledge.
  • Spending my 1,500 euro scholarship in just 3 months since arriving in Lodz, teach me how to manage my budget more efficiently.
  • Washing my dishes and my clothes and paying the rent, made me more self aware of the daily and monthly tasks.
  • Drinking beer at Pijalnia every Friday made me embracing “a hangover” tomorrow at my twenties.
  • Doing the supermarket-ing thing and letting the cashier find the groszi in my pocket made me more self- confident.

Amazing things in just 5 months, one country, one town. Amazing though, how to be fearless helped me. Be brave enough to design your spider canvas of goals and then make sure to achieve it all. There is not risk taken when you’re supposed to do what you most enjoy in life. Think like that for 2 seconds. If I have one thousands euro, what would I do with them? The first thing that comes into mind is your DREAM. Come on, be a pirate and wander through your goals.


Korean restaurant in Manufaktura?

I was dreaming, but stylish, with perfect Korean dishes and chopsticks on my plate. OMG, I said once and then turned to be 100 once per minute.

Manufaktura was the place that brought me joy. All sorts of restaurants, stores and the most important one, my heaven for SIM cards, to be able to talk with my family home, just avoiding an urgent meeting with FBI for founding me nowhere.

I still remember the first day. Not the first in town, the first trying to buy a SIM. It was stressful quite a bit and just because those guys didn’t understand me. Not surprising, when even my mother has issues like theirs. When there are so many options for SIM cards, even for your mother tongue is funny hearing you negotiating. Is it worthing the time to speak about doing this with Polish-English?  Made my day though.

Sitting in a corner with a number in my hand, 392, two more until my turn. Preparing for a conversation. Finally my turn. I politely explained my necessity of having international minutes. She seems to understand. All crystal clear, signed the contract, received the SIM and made the payment. I have to wait 10 minutes to activate the option. After 30 minutes, no call for working. Amazing, I said to myself. What is it happening? I am sure I did it well as lady said. I couldn’t have mistaken the steps. After one hour, I took another number to solve my problem.

They solved it. How, you maybe are about to ask. Reading a text in polish and clicking on yes. How was I supposed to know which one is yes or no?



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