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My 2nd awesome exchange experience


Small and charming country in the heart of Europe. I recommend to anyone to do their exchange programme in Ljubljana! It is so easy to travel around - just rent a car, take a bus or get on the train!

University is really big with many faculties. There are a lot of international students which creates really good environment and chance to meet people from all over the world (and I mean it).

There are so many perks being a student there - amazing student meals system so cheap and tasty; cheaper transport; bike system and much more.

Quality of the faculty is very good, I think the best from the 3 universities I have studied so far.

I recommend living a dorms, so you meet and be around your friends all the time. In that case around 600 Euro per month will be more than enough to live very goood.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything!



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  • Stefania Antonacci 3 years ago

    hank you for sharing your experience. I will go to Ljubljana in January and I would go to the dorm as you suggested .. where can I find information? thank you :)

  • Petya Jones 3 years ago

    Ask your Interrelation Office. I lived in dormitory called " BEZIGRAD, dom D""

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