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A CITY TO THE NORD [ my Bucharest experience]



Getting to the point, i willing be trying to relate with the customer service experience i have withnessed in bucharest in comparism to other place i have visited and my natural understanding which made it unique for me. Originating from one of the west african countries precisely nigeria, i have always grown up with the notion that hard work is the key to better life because life is all about the survival of the fittess with hardwork as the only escape route with the lower class working hard and up their way to the next level and this counts alot when we talk about certain competitive environment like the coperate industries especially sales mens and customer services because i believe that a policy of meeting a target or get fired has instilled a strong work ethics and petience in them. But, i am speechless when i visited bucharest because it was a huge shock to learn that such a beautiful, vibrant, picturesque and architectural city is lacking in strong business ethics especially the customer service division.. The first time i called a taxi company, i was still trying to explain what i needed with  the little of their language that i can speak and understand given that no one among them speaks english but the lady on the other end hanged up on me. I tried and tried but got such attitude three consecutive times which enraged me because it's the first time i am to encounter such but i learnt to accept it with time. I can also say the same for other aspects of customer services ranging from pizza to banks to public offices and the taxi drivers are not even left out especially the ones who take customers for a fool. I am begining to understand and accept such mediocracy after i was made to understand that is was normal given past experience and also nobody cares which to me was not to be condoned. In the face of all these, i can't denial the fact that i haven't come across nice ones except that they are very few in such a vast niche of profession. 


      I have always thought and was taught [ as a former sales man ] that when we sale or represent, we don't only the goods or represnt the institution,but also self and the economic dynamic. Been to other countries in europe and usa [especially] has done nothing but enforce my initial thoughts which have left my customer service experience in bucharest as a crumbled paper. When i visited hungary, during one of my night strolls, a young lad approached me and within a second he show a very strong business charisma that captivated my sense of business and i couldn't have resisted in patronizing him if not for the fact that he was working for a brothel but his approach to customer care and sales charisma made me nodd the whole night like a lizard. During my vacation in cleveland, i went to micro center to purchase a laptop and the customer service i recieved their was to die for. I was to buy a laptop for a friend and once i stepped in, i was approached by a responsive sales man, who in turn introduced me to the assistant manager and the assistant manager introduced me to the manager and all these were possible because each and everyone of them were on their feets moving around interacting with customers. i talked and chatted freely and openly with all of them that i was highly surprised because i left that store feeling satisfied that every penny i spent was accounted for both in goods and human interaction because it was truly worth it and same could be said for my experiences experiences in hungary, amsterdam and bulgaria.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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