¿Qué pasa, chica?

"Yes, so many subjects in English to choose from...", that's what they said.

Reality? One subject called "Games Theory" - to be honest, absolutely out of the topic of my studies, out of my interest, out of my world.

The rest? All of them in Spanish.

Yes, I am just about to share my experience from the University of Málaga - Spain...

The first two weeks were just disastruous. No access to the system, no subject (which I would be interested in) in English, a supervisor who did not really get my questions and a schedule which was absolutely incompatible with life. As I said. One big disaster... A lot of stress, nervousity followerov by questions : " what am I going to do?", loads of tears and a little bit more sleepless nights than I was expecting.

After a few personal talks to the supervisor, I decided to take 4 out of 5 subjects in Spanish - !!! ATTENTION !!! A2 level (Max. B1, but that i am exaggerating). However, I said to myself I need to pass them as I do not want to bother myself with university, studying, books, lectures etc. over the summer.

First classes? Catastrophe again. Andalusian accent -> I actually thought they were not even speaking Spanish to me

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  • Diana Kass 2 years ago

    Hey, Lena! Can you tell me please how did you apply to the erasmus programm in Malaga University?

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