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Truly terrible

Unfortunately I had to spend my Erasmus exchange at this university. It was supposed to be one year, but since it turned out to be a hell on earth, I decided to shorten my stay - best decision in my life. 

It was a very disappointing experience. The International Office is not nice nor helpful, I don't know how such people can work in such an institution. They accused me all the time, even made me cry, while it was them making all the possible mistakes in documents. They were highly unprofessional. The meeting for international students was organized way too late, we did not even get a chance to know each other and make connections...

As for the classes, they were not high quality. I didn't learn anything new. The classes lasted 2 hours, without any breaks, I find that really weird, I was exhausted and could not even focus on the subject. The classes are mostly in French. French teaching style is not attractive for me at all. They focus mainly on theory, leaving no space for practice. The choice of subjects is small and not at all interesting.

All of that, combined with a small city turned into a nightmare.

If you are reading this, and you still have the choice, do not make my mistake, do not choose Montpellier! There is plenty of other universities that are better and more interesting. University of Montpellier means problems, bureaucracy, stress and sadness.

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