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  • Erasmus End of Term Report

    I spent my 3rd semester of MSc in Innovation and Product Management on an exchange semester in University of Malta. The course was very much similar to the masters course we do in Austria and was called a master in Creativity and Innovation with special focus on...

    0 by Manish, 7 years ago
  • the city of Msida

    Msida is the city in Malta, where the universities located, Malta is not such a big place, but still you find a lot of cities,my experiences in Malta have been very interesting and especially in Msida because I spend most of my time near the Universityand I also live...

    0 by Manish, 7 years ago
  • Walk Around University of Malta

    Today I went around the University taking pictures of the various places around the University , The university which is located near the skate park, looks like an archeological building but has a lot of things which we can look around and explore, it has a bank and a...

    0 by Manish, 7 years ago

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