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Hradec Kralove

I had one semester abroad in Czech Republic in a small city called Hradec Kralove, nicly placed 1-1,5 hours away from Prague (With a train with one change, at the price of 3 euros!). 
The international office there where great at making events with everything from parties to dogwalking. 
If you live in the doorm you have all your friends right next to you, and it's a bar right a cross the street, Maty's, which ended up being our spot! Perfect for a drink or a beer.. almost every night... It was also other good places for both just a beer or to go clubbing. 

The faculties are placed all around the city, something that can be a bit complicated, but over all I had a great experience. 

Teachers spoke well English, but not all staff at the school did. Here it's good to know some basic Czech also for a trip to the supermarked. 

The city, even though it's small, have a lot to offer! Parties, other events, swimming pool, lazer tag, poledancing, cafés, food markets, architecture, beautiful buildings, an amazing old town square, nice parks, concerts.. yes, I could go on.  

The public transport is good and cheap. 

There's also a lot of opportunities to travel both inside the country for beautiful nature and castles, but also around tin Europe with cheap busses and trains. 

It's highly reccomended!   

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