My experience in university on hassan2 ain shock

After I graduate from high school, I said to myself, one more step towards my goal and i headed to sign myself in the university .
The first day was very tiring it's not only the long road that I had to deal with or the crowded bus but the fact that I wasted the whole day going back and forth accomplishing nothing they have always a reason to turn you back home disappointed . 
The first day in the class wasn't so bad, cool people compare to the what i've heard ; the teachers though were a bit diffrent not all of them are good but there is always bad once it's really a controversial point some likes a particular kind of teachers some don't .
After along time and when the first semestre has finally ended
I found out many things first teachers teach what they suit them and in one subject you can find two teachers teach diffrent things in a very different way, and the grades are chaos sometimes you get a low grade because of your haircut that the teachers didn't like or because of your first impression on the latter
In conclusion this university has many negatives which are: the enquality -the supermancy of teachers(they have the ability to do whatever they want to do without being punished or at least watched)- the vague system of education(every teacher has his own system of teaching his own ideas, view that he wants to full our heads with them it's not a clear structure that all teachers have to follow regardless of the way they do it) - the crowded classes - the university's place(it's very far from the city,it's about 1h from home to the university, in addition to that the absence of way of transportation is fatal( if you miss the bus, you miss the class , and you don't know exactly when that bus is coming so good luck in that )

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