Experience in Universidad de Granada, Spain by Dylan | Erasmus experience UGR

Experience in Universidad de Granada, Spain by Dylan

What is Universidad de Granada like in general?

Spread out in departments across the whole city! You see UGR symbols all over the place. It depends on what you study but Fuentenueva and the Sociology and Political Science campuses are really close to the centre, or the Cartuja is a tiny bit further. But everything is right beside Grenada!

What are the locals like?

Always great.

And the teachers?

A lot more approachable than in France, there isn't the same mystification around teachers.

Is it easy to pass in Universidad de Granada?

I'll tell you that later!

Does the university organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Every week, every weekend, for all interests!

Did the classes seem to be of high quality?



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