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I had a great time there as a student!The university is consisted of a lot of buildings(8 I thunk) which are close enough to each other though.The main building,which is called Freihaus,is well devided in 3 sectors:the green one,the yellow one and the red one.Thus, it is easy when you are looking for a specific classroom.All the areas are easily reachable for any physical disability(:D).

Regarding the proffesors,I have to mention that they are really helpful and generous,especially with Erasmus students.You could ask them to do the lecture in English instead of German if you want.They might agree with this.Or at least they will give you notes written in English.For those who are studying Maths or Computer Science,you should choose the courses that Mr.Baaz teaches,like Proof Theory 1 and 2,Lambda Calculus and Epsilon Calculus.

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