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The introduction

In this article I want to tell you about this place in Tbilisi, well, actually , it's not just one place, but there are many of them, because this is a network of shops and there are many shops of this one all around the city. This shop is called Navne, and it is a shop full of different things, but most of them are cosmetics and personal hygiene stuff. though they also have some great perfume for both men and women and some clothes and stuff like that. it's not like they always have some great choice of their stuff, for example, they don't have every size for every cloth, however, the stuff is good and people like shopping there because of the reasonable prices and some good choices of cosmetics and things like that.

well, I didn't know about this shop until just recently. It was my friend, who told me about it, I mean, she wanted to go and buy something in that shop and that's why she told me to go with her, so that we went there together and she bought that thing, that she wanted. Well, of course, we looked around and saw some stuff, that we liked and they cost pretty reasonable, so that it was a good idea to go there some other time and shop there.

You know, my mother kind of discovered this shop nearby us and she just loved it so much, that she can just go there and look around and get satisfied with that. She just loves visiting this shop and there's at least one thing, that she buys when goes in there.

The products

Well, first of alll, let me tell you about those cosmetics stuff, and, I must tell you, that going there for the first time, I thuoght, that it was a cosmetics shop and nothing more, however, I was wrong and soon I discovered, that they had many other things there except for the cosmetics.

So, going into the shop, you will see all those makeup things and face masks and eye shadows and sponges and brushes and eerything. There are so many different things, that you will want to have them all, however, it's not really necessary to have them all at home, of course, if you ask me. Though, many women just love havving all those different things, and trying these different things. They offer a variety of comsmetic stuff. They have eyeshadows of different sizes and colours and you will get all dizzy and stuff when you get there. Well I liked some of those stuff even though I don't really use that kind of stuff. They were pretty beautiful and worthy of trying and the colours were lovely, too, so that you could just buy them for yourself or for anyone else for a gift, you know. That can be a great gift for any woman, I guess, because everyone uses them and it's a pretty necessary thing in that case.

They also have these pencils for lipstick and they just cost 1 Lari or so and that was the very thing, that my friend wanted to buy at that time when I first went to Navne. It was then, when I got to know about it. well, to be honest, I didn't really get why one would buy that pencil, however, it's really great on face when you have it used in a right way.

Well, there is this face scrub with orange essence and it really has a great smell and it's very good for face, if you ask me, because I have been using it for quite some time now and I find it pretty useful. However, the tube is very small and it lasts just for some time and they don't have it in large tubes or whatever. It's very cheap though, I mean, it's just 50 tetris. However, that's when you think, that it's cheap, because when you see something for 50 tetris, you think, that it's cheap, but it's very small, too, so that if you think about it, it's not that cheap, you know.

There are also some great shower gels and shampoos and face masks and bathroom salts and they have some of them in very large bottles, so that everyone in the family can have them for a long time and they don't usually cost much, I mean, one I bouthg this huge shower gel from Spain and it cost me 10 Laris or so and I had it for quite sometime.

They also have toothbrushes and toothpastes, and the ones, that I liked so much were these very small colgate toothpastes, which are very efficient for taking them with you and they don't take much space in the bag or somewhere else and they are not very small, either, so that you can have them for quite some time judging on the size of the toothpaste. And they just cost 50 tetris each. And they also have these Aquafresh toothpastes, which are a little bit larger, than those Colgate ones and they are pretty good, too. However, I don't remember how much they cot, I think , they cost 1 lari or something like that. And they also have the regular toothpastes there for different use, of course. And they have the tooth flosses, too, however, they are a little bit expensive, comparing to other places, where you can buy such tooth flosses, if you want to know the truth. For example, there were these tooth flosses, which cost 6 laris or so and I found the exact same tooth flosses in larianebi shop, where they just cost 1 lari and I was very surprised to see that, however, mabe it was the difference in the quality or maybe there was not any difference at all, I don't really know.

Anyways, there are also some good razors there, that you can buy and they have some variety of them and they just cost as usual and they have the normal ones, too, and they also have those expensive ones with changeable heads and everything.

One of the most popular things there are those cosmetics stuff, with all those toners and face masks and face creams and creams of anti age and moisturizing ones and they are pretty much sold there. And the prices are kind of reasonable, I guess,. because I don't really use them or buy them anywhere, so that what I have seen there, women like those stuff and they buy them.

There are also some great perfume and toilet water and there are man of them there, which you can choose. They have both for women and men and the prices range from 2 laris up to expensive ones. There are these small perfume bottles, which you can have in your bag and take somewhere you are goind and it's pretty good, adnd they cost 3 laris or something like that, so that it's not that expensive and it's very useful in such cases. I have bought one of those flat bottles of perfume of Nina Richi and it cost me 3 Laris and I still have it. and they have plenty of those and you can smell them and decide, which one you like the most and which one you will buy. I still prefer buying the ones like them, instead of buying those glass bottles for me, because I can have different types of those perfume and have them differently used, when I want diffferent ones. And, of course, you can not have them as a gift for someone's birthday or something, though, it's still not a bad idea to have them as a gift, it wall depends on the person itself and what that person would want and would like.

There you might also see some clothes there and they have some pretty good stuff. They have all the things, like trousers and shirts and hoodies and jackets and suits and pants and bras and everything. They have some hats and caps and bags and handbags, too, and the prices are reasonable, except for bags, I guess. However, it all depends on the type of the bag or handbag , of course. They have some good trousers, which I have bought and my mother has bought them, too, and I also recommend the bras there, however, they don't alwasys have bras in different sizes and so that you might like any of them, but there was not the size of bra, that you want. That was the case with me, I liked this one bra and it was very large for me and when I asked them, they told me, that mostly they don't have the same bras in different sizes there.

Anyways, there are many things, that you can find there useful and want to buy them and many of them can be pretty reasonable and good and they can be really beautiful, too, and that's one of the reasons, why you might buy them. They also have some jewellery and sunglasses and glasses, too, however, they are not very cheap, you mshould know that, though the jewellery is something worth buying, because they are pretty much beautiful and they have some different types of them, if you want to know the truth. For example, there was this beautiful ring, that my other liked and it had a silver ring and there was this large black stone in the middle of it and it was very luxurious, and it cost something like 14 laris, I guess, and it is not that cheap, however, the price was not that expensive either for that kind of ring, so she bought it and she uses it almost every day, I guess, it was that good and everyone just loved it, if you want to know the truth.

The locations

Well, as I have already told you, there are many shops of Navne all around the city and you can find them in many places, so that it's not a problem to visit it if you want to.

The very first Navne shop, that I saw and visited was this one nearby Pekini street, where my friend lives. Now that shop has been opened exactly on Pekini street, so that when you drive through that street you will easily see it. It's just across Kazbegi avenue or something like that and the sign is so large, that you can see it from far away. Though it's a large shop of Navne there and they have many different things and there's much variety of cosmetics and clothes and hygiene stuff and everything, I don't really like going there, because the transport oesn't directly go there, I mean, of course, there are buses and minibuses going to that direction and everything, however, it takes kind of too long to get there and then you will need to walk for a couple of minutes to that shop, I guess. And that's why I don't like going there.

The other Navne shop is nearby Marjanishvili metro station. It's on Aghmashenebeli avenue and it's just very close to the metro station and that's why I liike visiting it, because it's just nearby it and I can easily take the metro and go shopping there and take the metro again and get home. I like moving around the city by metro, because it's easy, cheap, fast and comfortable, especially in summer, when it's hot outside and it is just really cool inside the metro.

The other shop of Navne is in Varketili and it is also nearby the metro station, so that it is easy to get there and though the location is not that great, I mean, it's on such place, that you can easily get by it, however, it's not that difficult to find it, and now they hve renovated it and the area has become larger and they have many other things there on sale and it's more comfortable to shop there than you would some time ago. Well, when you get out of Varketili metro station, you should go to the right and you will go up on the stairs and then you should go to the right again and cross the road and continue walking for almost one minute and theen you will see two stairs on your right and that's the shop on your right, though you may not notice it right away. However, if you don't notice it, then there's another entrance in 5 steps or something like that and you can enter it from there. It is more noticeable, I guess. And then, you can visit this shop and shop there.

There are many shops of Navne and many of them are being opened day by day and it's hard to say, where exactly you will find them, because those are the ones, that I usually visit and I know, that they are exactly there. Though, you may find some of them around the city, there are Navne shops on Rustaveli avenue and on Chavchavadze and on Tsereteli, though I don't exactly remember the locations.

Well, to be honest, I didn't really think, that one could buy many things there, however, to my surprise, I found it pretty useful going there and having some stuff looked at, because they have some good stuff from the USA mainly, and they are not very expensive, and they also have some of them from the United Kingdom and it's very good to have them there, because they are of high quality and good. So that, I do recommend visiting these shops and buying some stuff there, because they have some really good stuff and they are not too expensive either.

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